Sunday, June 22, 2014


This is something that I have been thinking A LOT about. And today I just felt overwhelmed with emotions about the sisterhood I feel belonging to this church. As I fail to try to sleep a lot runs through my mind but one thing it always comes back to is gratitude. There is a Facebook page for sister missionaries, it is for girls preparing, girls who are just thinking about going on a mission, sister missionaries now, returned sister missionaries, & moms of sister missionaries. Holy cow it is the best Facebook page I have ever come across. The immense love and sisterhood on that page is unbelievable I have never felt such love from strangers. It is one the greatest blessings to me as I prepare to serve a mission myself. Everything is on there from questions whether that be about a mission, what to bring, or anything to calls about where people are going to people asking for advice to people posting uplifting messages. And the comments they are tremendous. Many of us have started becoming Facebook friends and you truly do feel a connection with these sisters. We are from all over but we all have one thing in common: we LOVE the gospel. And it shows. Sisters offer to help like none other, it never fails anytime there is a post there are MULTIPLE comments either giving advice, words of encouragement or love, or telling that sister to message them so they can talk so they can help! It is my favorite part of Facebook. It is truly showing that social media is not just for the bad, but it can truly be used for good. The hymn "Sisters in Zion" truly applies here. And we all know it. We are sisters. I am so grateful for this page & for these wonderful girls who always give words of encouragement & advice. Through this we all know that we are never alone & there is always someone who has gone through what your going through.

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