Monday, February 23, 2015


Well I typed up a whole email and it deleted I don't have time to write it again BUT I'll just do highlights:

Specialized Training: Got to see Hna, Schmidt, Thorpe, and Stenifeldt. Go to the mission blog to see pictures the presidents wife put up! Learned so much! I love President and Hermana Pace! They're are so inspired and so loving!!! They're the best!

Intercambios: I did my first intercambio and LOVED it! I spoke Spanish the whole time because Hermana Dorgia doesn't know English which was awesome because I realized how much I knew! Also I got to have a sleep over with Hnas. Schmidt y Thorpe! The Barcelona piso is HUGE like huge..and so nice. I want to be transferred there!!! Haha

If you have questions about the pictures ask me next week...I don't even know which ones I'm sending to be honest...haha but the one of my foot is how I iced my foot..with frozen that's the mission life!

I love you all!  We have a fecha!  His name is B. and he's 10, he's awesome! The Elders baptized his cousin a couple weeks ago and we're also teaching his cousins sister who wants to get baptized!

I recited the first vision in front of the whole relief society which was terrifying! People are telling me my Spanish is getting better :) It's not great but it's improving poca a poca.

Have a great week!

PS if you emailed me and I didn't answer this week email it again sometimes they get lost and I never get them. SO I'm not ignoring you! Also don't always answer the same thread start new emails they're less likely to get lost if you do!!

Monday, February 16, 2015

One More Week!

Sorry my subjects are always so lame. I'm just not creative. haha. ANYWAYS! This week went by so fast it's honestly just all a blur to me. So I'll try to think!

Today we went to Sabbadell and played games with our Elders, the 4 Elders in Sabbadell and some members from the ward! It was super fun :) It was actually warm today! But of course now it's getting freezing...haha just our luck!!!

So investigators!

K.! I asked her to be baptized she said yes! But she needed time because her son is sick and he takes up all her time. And then she called us one day and was like sisters my son said you could come over please come! So of course we did because he never says yes! So we went to the hospital and only talked with him for about 10 minutes and then left with K. and got hot chocolate and talked! Well we were talking about baptism and she said yes but right now her priority is her son so she needs to focus on him and I just promised her that after she was baptized she would receive the Holy Ghost and that would help her with her son and she just said "how long does it take to prepare to be baptized" :) solid. We told her she could be baptized the 21st but I don't think she will because we haven't been able to meet with her so we're shooting for the 28th :) She goes to church every week and is just awesome!

M.! She's a miracle, Hermana Pace called us at 11 at night and said I have a reference for you! Uhhh okay?!!! So we went the next day (she wanted a book of mormon) and gave her one! She's super awesome but super timid about her family knowing. Unfortunately she lives in the Elders area so we can't teach her :(

But we got a reference from the Elders! It all works out! They baptized this girls sister 2 weeks ago their parents are inactive and we're teaching they're cousin (who's inactive) and her son who is super interested! The whole family!! Well she wants to be baptized but she has to get married we're working on that! But she's so amazing!!

We don't have very many. And this week was hard sometimes because I want to go and find more but my companion doesn't think it's a good idea because she wants to work through the members so it's difficult. But things are going to change soon I know it. Hermanas have been here for a year and they've never baptized, but I'm gonna change that. I'm not sure what it is about this area but it's hard. There's over 200 menos activos. It's crazy. But Saturday the ward had an activity where we went and visited all the menos activos and invited them to conferencia de barrio! A lot showed up!!! It was so exciting!!

A cool thing I learned this week is we were struggling, me and my companion were angry at each other a little, not fighting there was just a lot of tension and I went to take a shower and I was just thinking about all the things I could tell her she did wrong and was just getting angrier. Well I sat there in the bathroom, said a prayer, felt calm. Realized how stupid I was being. So I went into the room sat down next to her and said I love you What did I do wrong and how can I fix it? The tension left, she told me it wasn't me at all it was everything else. I'm so grateful for that! I know that if we take a minute to think and put aside our own wants and feelings whether we're angry or hurt the Spirit will be there and it will all be okay. That's my cool story of the week :)

Well I tried to send pictures worked for my companion and not for me. I'm sorry. My luck isn't the best!

Two girls in the ward call me's super awkward for me. They think I look like barbie and I just say nooo every time. haha Also there's a lady named Rosa and I just love her to death. She reminds me of Martha! She always makes us food and last time I went in the kitchen and helped her and washed dishes with her and REALLY tried to talk (because most the time I'm just quiet) and it was so fun :) we got so much closer and I loved it! This week I'm going to try harder to talk more! Even if I mess up and sound stupid..haha

Well I love you all!!! Sorry this was short!

Love, Hermana Terrazas :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

January 20, 2015

Dear Families of our new missionaries,

     We are pleased to inform you that your daughter has safely arrived in the Spain Barcelona Mission.  Hermana Pace and I, along with the two assistants, met her at the train station.  The group of missionaries we received is full of wonderful young men and women, ready to go to work. Their enthusiasm reflects their love for the Savior and we are grateful for the privilege of guiding them along as they serve the Lord.

     Every area in the Spain Barcelona Mission is unique and beautiful, rich in history and tradition.  More importantly, each city is full of children of our Heavenly Father, waiting to hear the glad news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

     Thank you for the trust you have put in us to shepherd your daughter.  Please know that we feel a great responsibility to guide and protect “our” missionaries.  We love your sons and daughters as if they were our own.  With the Lord’s help, we intend to make their mission experience in Barcelona the most memorable time of their lives.


President and Hermana Pace

Monday, February 9, 2015

2 Months!

Well I've been out for exactly 2 months! How weird is that? It seems like no time but also forever! I'm gonna try to send pictures let's hope it works!

This week nothing that exciting happened to be honest. Well besides the fact that I caught an over mitt on fire....hahaha :) And my Companion taught me a new phrase. "Soy patosa" It means I am a klutz hahaha yeah...she calls me that daily. It's bad. But it's my life. What's new.

Our heater/hot water like to stop working a lot which So that happens at least once a week. Sometimes we can fix it sometimes we can't. It's great..haha

So on Thursday I went to the doctor and they told me I have tendinitis. I swear only I would get tendinitis at the age of 20. So they told me to rest for 3 days or so and if it doesn't get better within 5 days go to a specialist. So I sat at home Friday and Saturday (it was torture) And then Sunday we went to church and at night I went to a members house and my companion went out with another member so she could work! The members I was staying with spoke English so that was nice :) They're super awesome! It was nice. Then we had Noche de Hogar with them and I went home! My foot was hurting a lot last night but this morning I woke up and guess what? THERE CAN BE MIRACLES IF YOU BELIEVEEEEE! My foot doesn't hurt! Best day of my life. We still took it easy today and it hurts a tiny bit it's nothing I can't handle :)  So I'm hoping it continues to get better!

The ward is super great and were all super worried about me :) Saturday 2 ward members came over to talk and keep us company and of course brought us food :) They're the best. Also I met the bishops daughter who served a mission in the LA visitors center!! So cool! So we talked for awhile! There's also a girl in our ward going on her mission to the SLC visitors center! It's awesome!

I love you all! Sorry I don't have much to report on this weeek...but I do have pictures! doesn't work..I'm sorry :( I'll find a way one of these weeks I promise! Maybe I'll just send the SD card home and then you can send it back ? I'm not sure.

I love you all!

Love, Hermana Terrazas :)

Monday, February 2, 2015

Week 2


Well this was tough. That "little foot thing" I mentioned last week was more than little. I went to the hospital on Friday (not because it was an emergency but because all the other doctors are on vacation) and they think it's either tendinitis or my nerves. Story of my life. haha sooo they told me to try not to walk on it (kind of impossible seeing as I'm a missionary...) and I have to go get an eco to see the tendons. I'm not sure what will come of it but it's been a struggle. Thursday-Saturday were a struggle. I just wanted to go home my foot hurt insanely bad but I was still working because I can't just sit at home. But it was to the point where every step I took I would start crying because it's an insanely sharp pain.

Well Saturday night I decided no I wasn't going home and I prayed and started my fast with the decision that I was staying. That night we went to a baptism in our ward but for one of the Elders and it was so amazing! The spirit was so strong and I was like yeah okay, what was I thinking. I'm staying. I'm meant to be here!

Sunday morning it still hurt and then after church it just didn't hurt still hurts but not as bad! So that's a blessing! It didn't hurt walking to our citas at all but killed when I was trying to sleep, but I can live with that! They gave me anti-inflammatory and I think that's helping! Hermana Flores told me to take it easy still but I probably won't...there's just something in you when your a missionary where you can't just "take it easy" there's too much to do!!!! But we'll see what this week brings. My companion and district are awesome and always seeing how they can help and how I'm feeling!

So my companion gave me this stocking and it has all the trainers and trainees in my "family tree" it goes all the way back to 2001!!!! SO COOL!!!! I forgot to take a picture of it but I'll try to remember for next week! It's pretty exciting!

Okay, I have a favor to ask everyone! SO LISTEN UP!  PLEASE :) My companions birthday is February 28th (hmm someone else I love a whole tons birthday is that day too ;) ) and she collects pictures of temples like the pass along cards,so if you could could you just put one of your temple in an envelope and send it? pretty pretty please?! I gave her the one I had of Portland and she was so ecstatic! SO like Dallas and Rexburg, Idaho Falls. Just whatever you can I would really appreciate it! :)

Well I was gonna send pictures but it won't let me...but I'll try next week :)

Investigators! We found an AWESOME family! The wife is a less-active and her husband and two sons aren't members but we went to do a Noche de Hogar with them last Monday and the son just kept saying how much he wanted to go to church!!! And the husband was SO receptive & has so much faith! It was the most amazing lesson I've ever had. The spirit was so strong! They said they couldn't come to church but then on Sunday guess who walked through the door?!??!!? The wife didn't she was at work but the husband and two sons!!! We're going there tonight and I can't wait :)

So at Ingles class I was talking to Kim (our Korean investigator) and we were talking about the church! She goes EVERY week and she reads the Book of Mormon and I was going to ask her to be baptized but then our other investigator cut it and made an inappropriate comment about me and the spirit left. I was devastated. We're giving him to the Elders to teach. Hopefully Wednesday I can ask her to be baptized!

So just so you all know that I'm still the same 'ol Ruth Saturday I was doing dishes and I smashed my thumb bad in the cupboard and I was like really whatever, so I went to start cooking and our stove is ghetto so it doesn't just turn on you have to turn the gas on and then light a match and start it like that. Well I went to do that but the door was open and the wind and I completely burned my finger. My companion was on the ground dying of laughter and I looked finger was BLACK from being burned and I look at my thumb and it's swollen HUGE and blue. it's brown and black right now and still super swollen. So yeah...haven't changed :)

On Sunday we went to a members house and guess what?! Her RUTH!!! AND she has a hurt left knee. AND she served a mission. Yeah she's my favorite. She actually met her husband at the CCM, it was super funny cause we were making fun of that and they showed us pictures from their missions and fed us! That was super nice because the members don't really feed us here.

Well that was my week...tough but it was good! My companion is awesome and tried so hard to make me feel better and loved :)

I love you all!

Love, Hermana Terrazas :)