Monday, February 23, 2015


Well I typed up a whole email and it deleted I don't have time to write it again BUT I'll just do highlights:

Specialized Training: Got to see Hna, Schmidt, Thorpe, and Stenifeldt. Go to the mission blog to see pictures the presidents wife put up! Learned so much! I love President and Hermana Pace! They're are so inspired and so loving!!! They're the best!

Intercambios: I did my first intercambio and LOVED it! I spoke Spanish the whole time because Hermana Dorgia doesn't know English which was awesome because I realized how much I knew! Also I got to have a sleep over with Hnas. Schmidt y Thorpe! The Barcelona piso is HUGE like huge..and so nice. I want to be transferred there!!! Haha

If you have questions about the pictures ask me next week...I don't even know which ones I'm sending to be honest...haha but the one of my foot is how I iced my foot..with frozen that's the mission life!

I love you all!  We have a fecha!  His name is B. and he's 10, he's awesome! The Elders baptized his cousin a couple weeks ago and we're also teaching his cousins sister who wants to get baptized!

I recited the first vision in front of the whole relief society which was terrifying! People are telling me my Spanish is getting better :) It's not great but it's improving poca a poca.

Have a great week!

PS if you emailed me and I didn't answer this week email it again sometimes they get lost and I never get them. SO I'm not ignoring you! Also don't always answer the same thread start new emails they're less likely to get lost if you do!!

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  1. Do proud of you ruth! I'm sure your Spanish is getting better and better. Joe's did in uruguay. The spirit teaches best and I know you have lots of that.