Friday, March 28, 2014

The Savior's Instructions about the Holy Ghost

1. What did the Savior teach about (1) what the Holy Ghost does and (2) what disciples must do to receive the Holy Ghost:

  • John 14:15-17- the Holy Ghost is a comforter. To receive the Holy Ghost disciples must keep the commandments. 
  • John 14: 26-27- he teaches, he gives peace. Disciples must not be troubled or afraid.
  • John 15: 26-27- he testifies of Christ,. Disciples must bear witness of Christ.
  • John 16: 7-8- he reproves the world of sin, and of righteousness and of judgement.
  • John 16: 13-14- he will guide you in all truth, show all things to come, glorify Christ, and show it unto you.
2. Add to your list above as you study the following resources:
  • Institute student manual Points to Ponder, "The Holy Ghost Brings Man to His Fullest Potential" (pg. 168)- The Holy Ghost helps with everything even wisdom and intellect. It develops everything of good nature like sympathy, joy, kind feelings, and affection. The Holy Ghost inspires virtues such as kindness, goodness, tenderness, gentleness, charity, and virtue. It beautifies everything it touches even people. The Holy Ghost is everything to us, as the manual said "It is, as it were, marrow to the bone, joy to the heart, light to the eyes, music to the ears, and life to the whole being."
  • Institute student manual Points to Ponder, "As a Messenger of the Godhead, the Holy Ghost Teaches Faithful Members" (pg. 168)- The Holy Ghost is a likeness of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, he instructs and enlightens the minds of those who keep the commandments, he bears witness of the truth and reveals mysteries of the kingdom of God to those who have made covenants, he is a special messenger. Disciples must be faithful in keeping their commandments in order to have the Holy Ghost. 
  • Bible Dictionary, "Holy Ghost" (pg. 704)- The Holy Ghost is a power and a gift. The power is the convincing witness that the gospel is true it's what we get testimonies from. The gift is a cleansing agent that purifies us from sin. Disciples have to be baptized and conferred to have the gift of the Holy Ghost, they have to be worthy of the companionship.
3. Review your list of what the Holy Ghost does. Then write responses to the following tasks: 
  • Describe how the Holy Ghost helped the Apostles fulfill their missions after the Savior's death and resurrection. 
    • After the Savior died the Holy Ghost helped the Apostles fulfill their missions by letting them know what to do. The Spirit guided them in what they should teach and who they should teach, instead of having Christ there to help teach them what to do the Holy Ghost was their new companion.
  • Write a paragraph about a time when the Holy Ghost blessed you in one of the ways you listed above. Give an example of how the Holy Ghost has inspired you. 
    • I have been lucky to have been blessed by the Holy Ghost on multiple occasions in multiple different ways. One specific incident that I remember quite well because it just happened this semester was the Holy Ghost guiding me in truth and showing me what I was to do. I was having a really tough time deciding whether or not I needed to move to Utah or stay at BYU-Idaho, I couldn't decide what was right. At first I felt like I needed to move to Utah and I felt super strong about it and then as things started falling in place my parents told me they didn't support that idea anymore. I was very confused. I fasted, prayed, read my scriptures I had no idea what I was supposed to do. I got a blessing and it still didn't tell me. I was at a loss, and then one morning I was doing my homework and it just popped in my head loud and clear that I needed to stay in Idaho. I tried to ignore it saying it was just me saying that but it would not go away. I couldn't focus on my homework because the thought was so loud. I put down my homework and read my scriptures and felt good about staying in Idaho even though it wasn't what I wanted at first. I still don't know exactly why I'm supposed to stay in Idaho but I know that I will be happiest here because the Holy Ghost confirmed that to me.
    • The Holy Ghost has inspired me many times. It has inspired me to say something to someone or to leave nice notes for my roommates when I wasn't sure why and then I would find out later they were going through a hard time and really needed words of encouragement. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A New Commandment

1. Others will know that we are disciples of Christ if we show love to everyone, Christ has never ending love to everyone and so we need to show that same love.
2. If someone were being ridiculed or made fun of for the way they dressed I feel like Jesus Christ would stand up for that person. He would make sure that they didn't feel alone and try to stop the others from ridiculing without being mean. He would make the person being made fun of feel loved.
If someone were new at church I feel like Jesus Christ would go up to them introduce himself and be their friend. He would show them where their class was and sit by them so they wouldn't be alone.
3. I hope that by the way I act everyone I come in contact with knows that I am a disciple of Christ. I am going to focus on my old roommate who is on a mission and write her a letter of uplifting words because she is having a hard time with her new companion. So I am going to try to be like Christ and uplift and love her so hopefully she can love her companion!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Preparing for the Savior's Second Coming

1. Mark 13: 5, 9, 23, 33, 35, 37 and identify the words take heed and watch in each verse. List at least three things from this chapter that believers could watch for in order to be prepared to meet the Lord.

Three things that believers could watch for in order to be prepared to meet the Lord are:
1. Men trying to deceive you
2. Being brought before rulers and kings for Christ
3. What the Lord has already warned us for

2. Explain in writing any other additional truths that are taught in the following references about how to prepare for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

  • D&C 87:8- It cometh quickly so be prepared now, stand in holy places be immovable.
  • Joseph Smith- Matthew 1:32- Listen to the voice of the Lord he will strengthen you during the destruction, he has promised that if you listen to his word he will fight your battles for you.
  • Joseph Smith- Matthew 1:37- Treasure the Lords word and continue to endure to the end if you do the angels will protect you.
  • Joseph Smith- Matthew 1:46-50- Always be prepared for the Second Coming of Christ, be a faithful and wise servant.
  • D&C 33:17-Be faithful, pray always, always be prepared- have oil in your lamp.
  • D&C 45: 56-57- Have oil in your lamp, receive the truth, do not be deceived. 

Friday, March 7, 2014

Temporal Marriage and the Resurrection

1. The Sadducee's believed there is no resurrection, no spirit, or angel. I believe that that means that the Sadducee's question was sincere, they were truly curious as to what would happen since they believed there was no resurrection.
2. Matthew 22:30 does not say there will be no eternal marriage in the resurrection just that no marriages will be performed, there is a difference because marriage will be eternal we know that but that is why it is so important to go to the temple in the life.

  • "In the resurrection there will be no marrying nor giving in marriage; for all questions of marital status must be settled before that time, under the authority of the Holy Priesthood, which holds the power to seal in marriage for both time and eternity."
  • Doctrine and Covenants 132:15-16 help us understand Matthew 22:30 because it goes into much more depth about how it's not that there is no marriage in the resurrection but that we have to bind that marriage on Earth in order for there to be an eternal marriage. 
  • I feel like the main reason there is not marriage in the resurrection is because we are commanded to have temple marriages here and we have to live worthy to have those and continue to live worthy which shows our obedience and dedication to the Lord whereas if we knew we could just get married in the resurrection we wouldn't strive as hard to live worthy and make that covenant now. 

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Earthly and Heavenly Rewards


  • The indications I got that the young man decided not to follow the Savior were that when the Savior told him all he needed to do was to sell all he had to the poor he went away sorrowful because of all the great things he had instead of gladly going and selling his possessions.
  •  The Savior promised that those who make sacrifices to follow him will sit in the throne of glory, will receive an hundredfold, and have everlasting life.
  • The Savior tells Peter that anyone who follows him and puts the Lord above all else will receive an hundredfold more than they ever had on Earth. It can be hard to put aside the things of the world and follow the Lord, to completely get rid of all worldly things but with what he tells Peter its worth it. Our reward in heaven is so great if we can make the sacrifices here on this Earth. 

The hours the laborers were hired
How much they agreed to pay
Hours worked
How much they were actually paid
Early in the morning
Penny a day
Twelve hours
Third hour
Whatsoever is right
Nine hours
Sixth hour
Whatsoever is right
Six hours
Ninth hour
Whatsoever is right
Three hours
Eleventh hour
Whatsoever is right
One hour

3. The Lord doesn't care when we join his kingdom as long as we come unto him and serve him eventually. This can bring comfort to converts because sometimes converts can feel like because they haven't been in the church that long they don't know as much or aren't as good as the people who have been members their whole life but this parable shows that the Lord doesn't matter when we come unto him, the reward is the same.I would tell someone who thought it was unfair for each of the laborers to be paid equally that the Lords time is different than our time, he doesn't care about the time we've spent he cares about how righteous we have been in that time, he looks in the heart, not on the world.