Thursday, March 13, 2014

Preparing for the Savior's Second Coming

1. Mark 13: 5, 9, 23, 33, 35, 37 and identify the words take heed and watch in each verse. List at least three things from this chapter that believers could watch for in order to be prepared to meet the Lord.

Three things that believers could watch for in order to be prepared to meet the Lord are:
1. Men trying to deceive you
2. Being brought before rulers and kings for Christ
3. What the Lord has already warned us for

2. Explain in writing any other additional truths that are taught in the following references about how to prepare for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

  • D&C 87:8- It cometh quickly so be prepared now, stand in holy places be immovable.
  • Joseph Smith- Matthew 1:32- Listen to the voice of the Lord he will strengthen you during the destruction, he has promised that if you listen to his word he will fight your battles for you.
  • Joseph Smith- Matthew 1:37- Treasure the Lords word and continue to endure to the end if you do the angels will protect you.
  • Joseph Smith- Matthew 1:46-50- Always be prepared for the Second Coming of Christ, be a faithful and wise servant.
  • D&C 33:17-Be faithful, pray always, always be prepared- have oil in your lamp.
  • D&C 45: 56-57- Have oil in your lamp, receive the truth, do not be deceived. 

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