Saturday, March 1, 2014

Earthly and Heavenly Rewards


  • The indications I got that the young man decided not to follow the Savior were that when the Savior told him all he needed to do was to sell all he had to the poor he went away sorrowful because of all the great things he had instead of gladly going and selling his possessions.
  •  The Savior promised that those who make sacrifices to follow him will sit in the throne of glory, will receive an hundredfold, and have everlasting life.
  • The Savior tells Peter that anyone who follows him and puts the Lord above all else will receive an hundredfold more than they ever had on Earth. It can be hard to put aside the things of the world and follow the Lord, to completely get rid of all worldly things but with what he tells Peter its worth it. Our reward in heaven is so great if we can make the sacrifices here on this Earth. 

The hours the laborers were hired
How much they agreed to pay
Hours worked
How much they were actually paid
Early in the morning
Penny a day
Twelve hours
Third hour
Whatsoever is right
Nine hours
Sixth hour
Whatsoever is right
Six hours
Ninth hour
Whatsoever is right
Three hours
Eleventh hour
Whatsoever is right
One hour

3. The Lord doesn't care when we join his kingdom as long as we come unto him and serve him eventually. This can bring comfort to converts because sometimes converts can feel like because they haven't been in the church that long they don't know as much or aren't as good as the people who have been members their whole life but this parable shows that the Lord doesn't matter when we come unto him, the reward is the same.I would tell someone who thought it was unfair for each of the laborers to be paid equally that the Lords time is different than our time, he doesn't care about the time we've spent he cares about how righteous we have been in that time, he looks in the heart, not on the world.

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