Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Name that song. Okay so! Wow. Crazy week. First of all, I'm sorry I was so scatterbrained when we skyped my mind was going 100 mph but I am so grateful I got to see you guys! Also sorry about all the tears...I promise I'm getting back to normal. Lol. Also I'm sorry I talked so much. After I got off I was so sad I didn't get to hear more about your life and what was going on. So forgive me please. But skyping was El mejor dia! (Best day ever).

So we get to go to the temple every week and I love that I went so much at home because now every time I go it's like a little piece of home :) I love it. So I memorized the first vision in Spanish!! So that was like super duper exciting!!! So yesterday morning we had these sandwich things and you had to cut the rolls open, well it's like 7 in the morning...so I'm still half asleep and I went to cut the roll with this HUGE bread knife...I missed and cut my thumb instead. So that was fine. I'm all good I just laughed it off. Even though it hurt. Like real bad.

Today we get 4 new elders and 2 new sisters :) they´re the Russian speakers from Provo MTC So that's super fun! And then next week we get 15 new sisters and 3 elders lol sisters are taking over the world man. They're the native Spanish speakers so they're only in here for 2 weeks. I'm halfway through with the MTC that's insane. I can't believe it. So in Preach my Gospel my favorite line is "All that is unfair about life can be made right through the Atonement of Jesus Christ." It's so true. Everything that is unfair can be made right. I know that's true.

So on Saturdays we go to the park and honestly this week I didn't want to go. I didn't feel like I knew enough Spanish and I just wanted to stay in the MTC. Well I had such a good day! There was this lady who looked so sad and we talked to her and nothing amazing happened but I got her to smile. And honestly that's enough for me. I loved it. Also we sing in the park, singing in Spanish is harder than I thought, not that the actual singing is different but they like combine words into one note and it's just super confusing and I don't like it at all. But I'm getting the hang of it. On Sundays we have singing hour and we practice and then go on the temple steps and just sing :) It's so awesome. Also! On Christmas Eve we went to a nursing home to sing and we were on the news :) So I'm on Spanish tv...nbd ;)

So we have this thing called TRC which is "referrals" and we teach them on Saturday night and we taught a teacher we don't have and after they give you feedback on what you could do better and what you did good. Well he told us "your Spanish is way better than I thought it would be, like way better, like I was talking in my normal speed (fast) and you understood and answered. For third week that's really good." That was so nice to hear! And what's funny about that is we planned a lesson and he totally went off topic so it was all from our heads :) I've realized this week how much Spanish I actually know. I know way more than I thought I did and can speak it! I'm not fluent or even close but I've definitely learned a lot! AND I've gotten way better at conjugating :)

Well I love you all, I pray for you! Have a good week. Pday is back to Thursday next week! Ask me questions or something so I know what to answer or something..idk haha

Love, Hermana Terrazas :)

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

One More Week Down


This week was so good but so hard. So I wrote things down so hopefully this email will be less chaotic. So on p-day right after I emailed you guys we got to go to the mall in Spain it was the biggest mall I've ever seen!!! Also I got a giraffe :) I just had to.

So we teach investigators that are really teachers but my favorite part of the mission so far is everything we do is for the investigator. Nothing you do on a mission is for yourself. I love that so much!

So we play soccer almost every day for sports. It´s so much fun. The foreigners (Finland, Austria, Scotland) are so into it it's hilarious. But usually I don't play with them, there's two fields and it's funner to play with the people who aren't as good. I scored the first goal the other day..so that's cool :)

We had a devo by Elder Bednar and it was amazing. It was all about knowing if it was the Holy Ghost or us. It was exactly what I needed to hear. He said Quit worrying about it, press forward, be a good boy, be a good girl. One of our teachers is so spiritual. and the other night he told us he'd been thinking about us and shared scriptures with us and it was awesome.

Hna Giorgino is my favorite teacher. She is so spiritual and so caring. Last night I was having a hard time. I just had a break down and every night we go around and say something we're grateful for and I skipped because I just couldn't think of anything, honestly. Well as we go up to bed she gives all the hermanas hugs and she hugged me and said you didn't share and I stared to tear up and told her I just couldn't think of anything and I walked away. Well as soon as I got to my room there was a tiny knock on my door and it was her. She just hugged me and talked to me until I calmed down. it was such a tender mercy. She also gave me chocolate...which helps :)

My favorite scripture this week is Ether 12:27 go read it. So on Sunday we had a special devo by...David Archuleta. So that was cool!!!! He´s a great guy. So humble and spiritual he sang 3 songs and talked about his mission. President told him he should wrap it up so he could rest before he went to do a fireside and he was like no, I love being with the missionaries please can I talk more. It was amazing. Also he was in the temple with us this morning haha.

This week was hard, but in the park I handed out my very first Book of Mormon! It was such an amazing feeling. "Already a baptism" (for those who don´t know thats a quote from best two years...hahaha.) The park is scary but during it, it is so much fun!!! I love it. I sent one picture I'm going to TRY to send more but I'll probably just send them to Bekah and she can post them on the blog since it´s hard to send things here.

Well I love you all, be good. Have a good week.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

First Week!!

WHAT THE I´M A MISSIONARY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I´m sorry I didn't respond to you all individually. I honestly have no time it´s so stressful and this will be short cause I only have like 10 minutes. It hasn't hit me yet that I´m in Spain weird right? But I do love it here. I´m homesick BUT I´m using you all as motivation not to depress me :) so motivate me by writing emails/letters ;) SHOUT OUT TO RACHEL MOM AND SAVANNAH. You made my life. Mom your the best for sending me those things I forgot I was so depressed when I realized on the plane. I almost asked them to turn the plane around...haha and thank you rachel and savannah for the letters. They helped me so much.

It´s hard here I feel like I´m never going to learn the language but I have to remind myself I´ve only been here a week...that´s not very long. But I am improving. The gift of tongues is real. I mean I can´t like go off in spanish but we are learning faster than the average person and I KNOW it´s not because I´m a genius haha

So we basically go to classes all the time. I love my district and my companion (Hna. Steinfeldt). There´s only 8 elders in the MTC and 24 sisters. They said this is the first time that´s ever happened! haha But I love how small it is everyone knows everyone. It´s great. There are 6 of us in my room (my district) and then 2 elders in my district. We´re all really close so we get distracted a lot...its frustrating because I try really hard to study but it´s difficult when everyone is talking, but I love them nonetheless.

We get to go out around town during lunch or dinner and do whatever they're pretty relaxed here. We go out side to play soccer everyday at 5 which is so nice to get out but my knee is in pain every night so that´s a bummer. I love my teachers they are hilarious. And so sweet. I have never felt the spirit more than I do now. I love it. We have pday on Tuesday this week so you´ll here from me soon :) also I get to skype on Christmas my time 9pm so like 1 your time? I think that´s how it works at least. I am so sorry this is scatterbrained. The time limit literally stresses me out. I don´t like it. If I don´t know why I was here (and I didn't until I got here) then there´s no way I would be able to handle this. It´s HARD the hardest thing I've done waking up at 6:30 knowing I´m going to a day full of classes and teaching ´´investigators´ (teachers) is hard but I've also never felt like I belonged some place more. Not that I fit in, I don´t quite feel like I fit in with all the hermanas but I know I belong here. My MTC President told me ´you belong to your companion you belong to your district, and you belong to me.´ That man is called of God. I love him.

We get to go out exploring for Pday today I´m so excited! Oh on saturdays we go to the park to teach...talk about TERRIFYING. I don´t know spanish. But it wasn't as bad as I thought! I'm sorry this is so scatterbrained. But that's how my brain is. Maybe next week will be better.

I love you all. Thank you for the encouragement. I´m sorry I didn't respond to everyone but know I love you and those emails were the only thing that got me through this week and will get me through next week. I love being a missionary. I´m so grateful God trusts ME little old Ruth who is a spaz and always gets hurt and can´t speak spanish to go testify to the people of Spain that he loves them. Talk about a blessing.

We had a Christmas devo from Elder Holland (I think last years?) I'll ask, you all need to watch it. So powerful. My mission doesn't end in spain. This is for forever. I´m learning things here that I will use my entire life.

So every week everyone has to prepare a talk on an assigned subject in SPANISH and you don´t know who´s going to talk until sunday during church.  I DON´T SPEAK SPANISH PEOPLE but of course...I got called on to talk. It was terrifying but so good to get it out of the way. And I still felt the spirit.

One of my night time teachers (Hna. Giorgino) is the best blessing here. She is so loving and I feel the spirit every time she talks. She is my favorite I feel so close to her. Also my MTC President & his wife are so great. >They´re hilarious they call themselves our mission ´mom and dad´and they are. They treat me just like my parents would (don´t worry I´ll always love you more) but it helps so much on days when I just want to give up. There´s always someone here to pick me back up.

We also get to go to the temple every week, it is such a blessing. The Madrid temple is GORGEOUS. The prettiest temple I've ever been to. Well I love you all, please continue to write/email me, I could use the encouragement and motivation I´m sorry again for how scatterbrained this is. I´ll try to plan or something next week I promise :) I love you all so much and am so grateful for your support, I need all the help I can get.

I know Heavenly Father watches over ALL his children and he listens to prayers. There´s not a doubt in my mind that he isn't watching over me. I am so humbled to teach the Spanish people in the spanish language. I was called to speak Spanish to be humbled, every day you hear one of us saying ´why can´t i say this in english it would be so much easier I could do it in spanish´but I know I wouldn't rely on the Lord as much. That´s why I´m here. I love you all, be good make good choices and don´t forget about your Hermana in Spain.

Love Hermana Terrrazas :)

ps. all the teachers and everyone here says they like me the best because they can actually pronounce my name. Oh yeah. Hey dad would you be willing to send me grandaddy bobs email? I don´t have it. Okay bye for real.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Well I´m safe and sound at the MTC! I didn´t email everyone because I dont have my address book and we dont have much time but Im sending it to the peoples I remember. <good thing my memory is pretty great huh? ;) But I´m here I didn´t get lost in germany so thats always good. 

First off please tell everyone THANK YOU for writing in the book. Seriously it was a lifesaver. I was laughing and crying and Im pretty sure the people thought I was bipolar. But oh well. The flights were LONG and people thought I was dutch or something and so that was confusing but oh well. <there was one Elder on my flight from LA to Germany so that was cool but super awkward. Apparently I´m already awkward, or maybe thats just my normal self I´m not sure. <there was 10 sisters and 2 elders from Germany to Madrid so that was super fun! It was so comforting already knowing faces...seriously such a huge blessing. I can´t belive I´m here. I didn´t sleep a wink on the plane so I´m running on zero sleep but thats okay. 

Oh My Gosh I´m a real life missionary guys. It was harder to leave than I expected but I also pulled myself together pretty dang fast if you ask me. (meaning I had stopped crying by the end of the Santa Maria flight. Mostly because I was laughing from all the notes. I AM SO BLESSED FOR MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS. Shout out to Savannah for doing that for me. The sweetest thing ever seriouisly. It means the world to me. I love you all so much you are the best. I can´t say that enough. 

Well I´m not sure what else to say. We´re about to have interviews with the President so that´s exciting and also scary. Also this keyboard is like major confusing so sorry for the random things in there...I don´t know how to work. Also everyones speaking spanish so I don´t understand a thing.Its exciting!! Well I love you all have a good week I´ll email you on Pday :)  

           Love, Hermana Terrazas :)

ps...everyone should email me ya? :)

PS We don´t get a Pday this week so the next time I email you won´t be until next Thursday...so you´ll have plenty of time to email me :) But just so no one worries! It´ll be over a week.