Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Well I´m safe and sound at the MTC! I didn´t email everyone because I dont have my address book and we dont have much time but Im sending it to the peoples I remember. <good thing my memory is pretty great huh? ;) But I´m here I didn´t get lost in germany so thats always good. 

First off please tell everyone THANK YOU for writing in the book. Seriously it was a lifesaver. I was laughing and crying and Im pretty sure the people thought I was bipolar. But oh well. The flights were LONG and people thought I was dutch or something and so that was confusing but oh well. <there was one Elder on my flight from LA to Germany so that was cool but super awkward. Apparently I´m already awkward, or maybe thats just my normal self I´m not sure. <there was 10 sisters and 2 elders from Germany to Madrid so that was super fun! It was so comforting already knowing faces...seriously such a huge blessing. I can´t belive I´m here. I didn´t sleep a wink on the plane so I´m running on zero sleep but thats okay. 

Oh My Gosh I´m a real life missionary guys. It was harder to leave than I expected but I also pulled myself together pretty dang fast if you ask me. (meaning I had stopped crying by the end of the Santa Maria flight. Mostly because I was laughing from all the notes. I AM SO BLESSED FOR MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS. Shout out to Savannah for doing that for me. The sweetest thing ever seriouisly. It means the world to me. I love you all so much you are the best. I can´t say that enough. 

Well I´m not sure what else to say. We´re about to have interviews with the President so that´s exciting and also scary. Also this keyboard is like major confusing so sorry for the random things in there...I don´t know how to work. Also everyones speaking spanish so I don´t understand a thing.Its exciting!! Well I love you all have a good week I´ll email you on Pday :)  

           Love, Hermana Terrazas :)

ps...everyone should email me ya? :)

PS We don´t get a Pday this week so the next time I email you won´t be until next Thursday...so you´ll have plenty of time to email me :) But just so no one worries! It´ll be over a week.

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  1. Yay! I'm so glad you're safe!!! I can't believe you didn't sleep at ALL!!! You're crazy :) Have fun! Love you!