Monday, April 27, 2015

Piso Purgatory

That's what we call this state we're in curently. Piso Purgatory, been in for 2 weeks now not sure how much more! But I have been getting better slowly so hopefully I'll be able to work a little bit this week! I asked to go out for like an hour a day last week and they said no...they wanted to make sure it heals, but they're sending the X-ray to Salt Lake to see what they say! So I guess we'll see. I won't be going home so that's exciting!!!

This week was actually easier to stay in piso and not go crazy. Which I'm sure was because of all the prayers I was receiving from home! Seriously thank you so much, it means a ton to me. But President and Hermana Pace told Hermana Lamoreaux (the other hermana who lives with me) that they feel like this is overcomeable and that there's still a work for me to do here in Spain so that gave me hope :)

I've decided that physical challenges are just my lot in life and there's something to learn from them! They're not easy and I've definitely struggled with them but that's okay! D &C 122 helped me a lot this week. "if thou art called to pass through tribulation...know that all these things shall give thee experience and shall be for they good...they God shall stand by thee forever and ever...the son of man descended below the all art thou greater than he?...fear not what man can do for God shall be with you forever and ever."

I skipped a lot of that section (where the ... are) but that just helped me a ton. It's okay I'm going through this, it's for a reason and God is with me. I love the scriptures and the help and comfort they bring!!!

So exciting news is we do have 2 old men investigators who luckily are very self sufficient seeing as we can't visit them and they've come to church twice now (well A. three time) and they're reading every night!!! Such a blessing right there!!!!

For our piso activities of the week besides read the scriptures, and Jesus the Christ (SUCH a good book!) we also
-cut out awkward pictures in the Liahona with quotes and put them everywhere for the hermanas to find
-made a tombstone for the elder in our district who's dying this transfer
-made lemonade because some creepy man has twice now dropped off a bag of oranges and lemons to our piso. We don't know how he knows where we live or who he is...(don't worry we've informed our district leader..)
-Hermana Lamoreaux made up songs about staying in piso on the uke
-Watched every other movie/video in our piso! Fun to figure out how much spanish I understand! Also watched the Testaments like 3 more times.

I love you all! Thank you for your prayers and love! This week has been better and we're just taking it day by day and we'll see what happens! But I'm finishing this mission of mine!

This is our tombstone for Elder Ochoa!

Pretty city in the heart of Valencia! (hospital trips) 

View from our roof :)

​I have to have 3 massages every day and take 3 10 minute walks.. she's a great companion :)

I love you all have a great week!!!

Love, Hermana Terrazas :)

More Piso Activities

I have a hard lifee okay...

One of our many hospital runs

My companion drew me a picture to color :)

Monday, April 20, 2015


Well we were literally in piso...all week...and I have at least one more week. Depending on how I am Monday (next week) will depend on if I stay or go home to get better and then come back. Cause I'm coming back. But the thing President was talking to me and said "Do you really want to waste a whole month of your mission in bed? Or would you want to put it on pause get better and then come back? It's only 18 months you have" So all week I was waiting for the call. I was sick to my stomach all the time. It was so unbelievably stressful. But as of today I'm staying. They said give it one more week of laying flat and to take 10-15 min walks 3 times a day and to massage out the knots in my back (from laying in bed all week) And then Monday I should get another X-Ray to see if its gotten any better and then we'll go from there. It was a tough week. Staying in piso is the WORST especially since I'm not sick so it's not like I'm sleeping all the time. But everything has a reason!

On the bright side we had lots of piso activities :) haha
-we watched ALL the videos in our piso... #BibleVideoBinge
-made cases for our scriptures!
-listened to Sunday Afternoon of Conference! (Can we just talk about how AMAZING that was?)
-wrote letters/made cards (so whoever wrote me your in store..those who didn't sorry...missed your chance! Jk there's always time WRITE AWAY)
-Learned how to play a little Ukele :D
-For language study we got creative we watched the Joseph Smith SPANISH (I understood it so that was exciting!), played UNO (that's spanish right?), AND Learned all the children songs in spanish! SO much fun!
- Sidenote: we got bored and watched the Restorration in Tagalog (Christopher!!!)
-Embroidered pillow!! (I'll send pictures, my companion is a MACHINE)
Hermana Lamoreaux and Birch are angels and did splits with us so Hermana Een could work a little bit and so our area wasn't COMPLETELY neglected. It was nice. So that was fun! Hermana Lamoreaux is the one who taught me the Ukele and we also made crepes :)

We decided that me waiting for calls from President/Hermana Pace is:
-worse than a college dorm of girls waiting for a boy to call
-and worse than Elder Calhoun just waiting for that young man to call (name that movie!)

The Elders are super sweet,
-we went to District Meeting and they had brought 2 of the big soft chairs (for old people) into the room. Bless their hearts they didn't know I couldn't at all. (Sitting makes it worse even with the pillow, so we avoid that like the plague).
-They came and gave me blessings/listen to me cry..haha I'm a crier especially after blessing. I LOVE the priesthood!
-Elder Davis is now training and his new companion is awesome! He gave me like a list of scripures to read...well they were super great..but the first one I flip to is Moroni 8:16 ...I'm gonna let you go read that and have a laugh. (It was for the last line) but the rest were super comforting. We now call him Elder "Pomperperfect scripture" mostly because we don't know how to actually say his last name.
-We could only go to Sacrament meeting and they watched after our investigators who I was thoroughly depressed to be leaving (ALSO basically everyone at church told me I was going home so that was not  the most comforting..but they all said it very lovingly and asked if I would be coming back)
-Always texting/calling to make sure we're alright and if we need anything.

Sacrament meeting was SUPER long seeing as I had to stand the whole time. But it was so nice to get out of piso and talk Spanish to people :)  Also I saw most the missionaries and its so comforting knowing that all the missionaries in my zone are praying for me.

Thats about it for this week! I love you all and I'll keep you updated next week :) And now I'll send pictures :)

Love, Hermana Terrazas :)

My pillow

Our district!

And a sweet(?) text from the Elders after finding out I have to stay in bed for another week haha

Hermana Een's drawing of our companionship and our favorite quotes :)

Mine and Hermana Lamoreaux fix for our broken broom.. 

And my scripture cases :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Round 2...

...Baptism, Transfers, and Hospital....hehe.

So Baptism! A. got baptized this week! She is the granddaughter of a less active who Hermana Een found on the street and then elders another day and when they went to "teach" her they found out she was a member! Then Allison started taking the lessons! She's 13. I'll send pictures later :) It was super special!

Transfers! Well me and Hermana Een....are staying!!!!!!!!!!! We were super excited. I mean we saw it coming but still. The anxiety was gone! We get calls Saturday night so basically all Saturday you stress over that (to add a baptism on top of that was stress to the max) But all went well! :) Also the other hermanas in valencia are staying!!! I'm so happy our piso is staying the same because it's so much fun and I love them so much! Next transfer is going to be super duper depressing! But our district got split!! So now our district is just our ward! And the 2 elder companionships changed so we're the only ones who stayed!!!

Hospital... Story time!!! Okay so lets start from the beginning. Last Sunday night I fell (not bad like I was totally fine) and then Monday I took a beating. We went to that super cool park and we were playing football, well I went to catch it and it hit me right in the eye (I still caught it and then threw it perfectly afterwards) and it hurt but I laughed it off. Then I fell 2 other times that day the first time didn't hurt. The second time that day (third time all together) killed. I was in so much pain. I like brushed it off and was trying to ignore the pain. Well Tuesday was terrible. I woke up with a swollen bruised eye and my tailbone killed. I made it through the day with a pounding headache and that ended up going away in a couple days.But my tailbone didn't. It killed to sit, to stand, to walk, everything I thought it was just a bruise cause those can be pretty bad. Well yesterday we finally decided to call Hermana Flores (senior couple who's in charge of the doctor stuff) she told me to go to the hospital that day to make sure it wasn't broken. So I went's fractured. So apparently they can't do anything for fractured tailbones except rest and pain medicine. And they take forever to heal. So I have to lay on my stomach for...1 month. To sit I have to have this thing called a donut so no weight is on it because everytime you put weight on it it gets worse. So currently I am waiting for a call back from Hermana Flores to find out what they're going to do with me.. She said she once fractured her tailbone and knew how bad it was and said I have to be careful because if it doesn't heal correctly its bad. So as of now I'm basically on bed rest. yesterday we watched all the district and today well...I'm not sure. So please keep me in your prayers! I'm doing fine and it's not bad unless I sit or lay on my back but I need to recover quick so I can get back to work!!!

Okay, onto less depressing things now.. Valencian paella! (I'll send a picture) it's super famous. And just for the record of things I've eaten: clam, octopus (not technically but some weird tiny squied thing with 8 tentacles), and shrimp! All in the paella! OH! And rabbit (it's actually good) the bones are in there and everything! Then another time I ate ear and didn't even know it! It was super good not gonna lie!!!

So our baptism Saturday was at three so A.s mom could go. Worse decision ever. Do you know how close tres and seis sound in the spanish language? Oh goodness we would spend forever saying tres, no no seis, TRES and so on. Good times. We started saying "como uno, dos, TRES" so fun! We're never having anything at 3 or 6 we decided. But anyways one of our investigators (A.) He's an older man, well we were picking him up for church at 3:15 thought we said  we show up and he still goes with us but he forgot his teeth!!! Cutest thing ever. He just has 4 gold teeth. Oh my gosh I died. He is so cute!!!

We graduated from 12 weeks!!!! I'm no longer in training!!!! WOOOO!! So weird. I'm a real life missionary.

Well, that was my week. I love you all bunches and I'm sending pictures! :)

Love, hermana Terrazas :)


As my companion says "both cushion your butt" haha :)

These are the huge pans it's cooked in! This was our start to our fast as a ward council :)

This is the missionaries in our ward, 2 are leaving!

Monday, April 6, 2015

4 Months!

This week was a good one! It was hard work wise but nonetheless a good week! First of all we had interviews with President which was just FANTASTIC!!! I love that man so much. Also his wife. Ah they're just the best. The love and respect I have for them is unreal. So that was a great time. He gave me a lot of good advice. Also Mom Hermana Pace sent you pictures of us so check your email and you can post them :) We took one of them with her Selfie stick...yeah she's awesome :)

So for Easter!!! We had an Easter Egg hunt!!! We don't have excercise sunday mornings so we just have an extra half hour to get ready so instead we had an easter egg hunt! Hermana Een woke up early and hid them all (she was supposed to wait for us but she was too excited) so we ran into the other Hermanas room (which is good because they didn´t hear their alarm) and then had the hunt! It was SO much fun! One thing I've learned on my mission is to have fun! Of course be obedient always but HAVE FUN!!! So we did. And then we made pancakes and had a feast! It was such a great morning it made being away from home a little easier :)

Conference!!! So weird to have it in a church not in my pajamas with family, but it was good. Pretty sure I was more homesick during conference than other times, but it's okay! All the missionaries and like 2 africans were in the room for english and it was really cool because there was just a special spirit there :) So it was good! My favorite part was when we sang I know that my redeemer lives and it was all the missionaries and it was just so great because we do, we're all here to testify that we know our redeemer lives every day. Not just on Easter! It was so special :)

So like I said earlier the work was a little difficult, one day we literally went through our plans back up plans and back up back up plans and had we're like okay what's plan D? Well obviously the answer was chocolate (even our members who were going with us and the ones feeding us failed) so we got chocolate and then decided to pass by a less active. It was amazing! They were so welcoming we had never visited them before and they just kept saying "I'm so happy welcome to my humble home" (they spoke English) It was hard because they told us about their difficulties, but the spirit was so strong and it was such a tender mercy :)

Well this is going to be short but I love you all and have a good week!!!


Gulliver Park!
Park shaped like a man! So much fun!!!!


Ruth's Zone for a recent GA tour

These sisters reached the "Standards of Excellence" TWO weeks in a row! Outstanding!!!