Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Round 2...

...Baptism, Transfers, and Hospital....hehe.

So Baptism! A. got baptized this week! She is the granddaughter of a less active who Hermana Een found on the street and then elders another day and when they went to "teach" her they found out she was a member! Then Allison started taking the lessons! She's 13. I'll send pictures later :) It was super special!

Transfers! Well me and Hermana Een....are staying!!!!!!!!!!! We were super excited. I mean we saw it coming but still. The anxiety was gone! We get calls Saturday night so basically all Saturday you stress over that (to add a baptism on top of that was stress to the max) But all went well! :) Also the other hermanas in valencia are staying!!! I'm so happy our piso is staying the same because it's so much fun and I love them so much! Next transfer is going to be super duper depressing! But our district got split!! So now our district is just our ward! And the 2 elder companionships changed so we're the only ones who stayed!!!

Hospital... Story time!!! Okay so lets start from the beginning. Last Sunday night I fell (not bad like I was totally fine) and then Monday I took a beating. We went to that super cool park and we were playing football, well I went to catch it and it hit me right in the eye (I still caught it and then threw it perfectly afterwards) and it hurt but I laughed it off. Then I fell 2 other times that day the first time didn't hurt. The second time that day (third time all together) killed. I was in so much pain. I like brushed it off and was trying to ignore the pain. Well Tuesday was terrible. I woke up with a swollen bruised eye and my tailbone killed. I made it through the day with a pounding headache and that ended up going away in a couple days.But my tailbone didn't. It killed to sit, to stand, to walk, everything I thought it was just a bruise cause those can be pretty bad. Well yesterday we finally decided to call Hermana Flores (senior couple who's in charge of the doctor stuff) she told me to go to the hospital that day to make sure it wasn't broken. So I went and...it's fractured. So apparently they can't do anything for fractured tailbones except rest and pain medicine. And they take forever to heal. So I have to lay on my stomach for...1 month. To sit I have to have this thing called a donut so no weight is on it because everytime you put weight on it it gets worse. So currently I am waiting for a call back from Hermana Flores to find out what they're going to do with me.. She said she once fractured her tailbone and knew how bad it was and said I have to be careful because if it doesn't heal correctly its bad. So as of now I'm basically on bed rest. yesterday we watched all the district and today well...I'm not sure. So please keep me in your prayers! I'm doing fine and it's not bad unless I sit or lay on my back but I need to recover quick so I can get back to work!!!

Okay, onto less depressing things now.. Valencian paella! (I'll send a picture) it's super famous. And just for the record of things I've eaten: clam, octopus (not technically but some weird tiny squied thing with 8 tentacles), and shrimp! All in the paella! OH! And rabbit (it's actually good) the bones are in there and everything! Then another time I ate ear and didn't even know it! It was super good not gonna lie!!!

So our baptism Saturday was at three so A.s mom could go. Worse decision ever. Do you know how close tres and seis sound in the spanish language? Oh goodness we would spend forever saying tres, no no seis, TRES and so on. Good times. We started saying "como uno, dos, TRES" so fun! We're never having anything at 3 or 6 we decided. But anyways one of our investigators (A.) He's an older man, well we were picking him up for church at 3:15 thought we said 6:15...so  we show up and he still goes with us but he forgot his teeth!!! Cutest thing ever. He just has 4 gold teeth. Oh my gosh I died. He is so cute!!!

We graduated from 12 weeks!!!! I'm no longer in training!!!! WOOOO!! So weird. I'm a real life missionary.

Well, that was my week. I love you all bunches and I'm sending pictures! :)

Love, hermana Terrazas :)


As my companion says "both cushion your butt" haha :)

These are the huge pans it's cooked in! This was our start to our fast as a ward council :)

This is the missionaries in our ward, 2 are leaving!

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