Monday, January 26, 2015


Sorry I forgot stuff! My brain is scattered. Okay so first things first.


Orar (pray EVERY day)

Leer (read the Book of Mormon every day!)

Asistir a la iglesia ( go to church every sunday)

Do those things I promise they help.

Also every time I tell someone my name they laugh forever. It's getting a little old but I also love it at the same time.

I ate cow stomach. My companion didn't feel the need to tell me...rude. haha she just laughed at me and told me the next morning!!! A member made it for us but put it in Tupperware since we had to go so I ate it when we got home..yeah. It didn't taste bad but the texture was disgusting. I only had a bite or two and then ate the rest of the stuff.

Also my embarrassing moment, a member asked if I liked Terrassa...I said "Mucho gusto Terrassa" that means nice to meet you Terrassa. I'm such an idiot. haha Terrassa is super poor and ghetto. so that was awkward.

Also MIRACLE! My knee doesn't hurt! It just stopped hurting the second day in the field. Occasionally it will hurt when I'm in my piso but never when I'm out and about! I'm so grateful for that. I mean I may or may not have a hurt foot but we don't need to talk about that...hehe :)

Well I think that's it but probably not. haha

OH! for RICKY and Phillip and Katie! I saw Ricky when we were watching a devo from the MTC in Provo!! I freaked out and was super excited haha. So yeah!


Hermana Terrazas :)

First Week in Terrassa :)

Hola mi familia y amigos!!!!! :)

¿Que Tal?

First things first, my address for the next while (probably 11 weeks maybe 5) is:

Hermana Ruth Terrazas
c/D'Egara Nº164, 1º1
CP: 08225
So feel free to write me. :)

I can't believe I'm a missionary! It's crazy. so I'm just gonna do a break down of my week I feel like thats the easiest thing haha

So we had to all go do resident things with the office elders we went to the police station and got finger printed, I felt bad for the elders it was like they were babysitting 20 girls haha oh well! They bought us donuts :) It was so nice of them! Then we went to the church and were just waiting in a room for 2 hours while our trainers were being trained. It was FREEZING, literally felt like an ice box. I hated every minute haha then we got pizza and had a meeting and then TRAINERS! You already know who mine is obviously, but the way we got them was so different than at home. He says it and literally everyone yells and claps and your trainer comes running up and tackles you in a huge hug. I loved it :) Then we had to get my stuff to Terrassa...uhh yeah I'm getting rid of stuff. worst experience of mi vida.

Thursday: we went grocery shopping, food is SO cheap here. It's unreal. and then we had a cita (appointment) and I taught English to a little girl, they're not members so we teach English for half an hour and read the Book of Mormon for the other half hour. I love it :) Teaching English is so much fun! At the end of the night it was getting hard, I was cold and just thinking why am I here...well on the bus home my companion (she's amazing) all of a sudden told me she was praying for me and her old companion and the district leader and that I was a miracle and that she's so grateful I'm here. She is AWESOME! At first I was scared because she doesn't speak much English and it's just different cultures but we get along awesome, we're always laughing! She's almost 23. She's taught me a ton, one thing is after we pray she always just sits for a couple seconds to just keep the spirit and I love it. We can't just rush up out of a prayer, we need to wait for answers!!!

Friday: we had district meeting! Luckily they did it in English :) afterwards we get lunch as a district, its 4 elders and then us 2 hermanas. They're so funny. I swear I knew all of them before, I mean I've never met them but they seem so familiar, it's strange. SO we went a got kebab, not like a kebab in the US I'm not even sure what it was weird but pretty good! We had a cita with A. who is an investigator...but we had to have a member go with us because the first night I met him apparently he said some pretty inappropriate stuff about me so Elder Johnson told us to be careful, he's pretty flirty and tries to call me princessa, every time he does I say NO it's HERMANA TERRAZAS. So we brought a member so he was better, but we're gonna give him to the Elders... it's just not comfortable. But I know he needs to be baptized and I know I need to help him. so frustrating. There's a less active named C. she has a little girl who reminds me of a Spanish Adalynne. Oh my gosh it makes me so happy. She clicked with me from the start. We're best friends. She's 3 years old and speaks better Spanish then there's that haha.

Saturday: It was hard, there were so many people who needed help and I don't speak Spanish and I just want to help them. We went to a less actives house (there are so many less active it breaks my heart) and she is getting a divorce, she just found out a bunch of stuff and was just crying and thanking us for stopping by. My companion is inspired! I taught English again! :) To a daughter and mother. They're super cute. I love hearing them speak English!

Sunday: So church was interesting. Our whole district is in our ward so there are 6 of us missionaries. WEIRD. The leaders don't support us very much and they fight with my companion a lot, I'm not sure why because well...I don't speak Spanish haha but some are super sweet. Apparently the ward was praying for hermanas for YEARS and they just got them like 6 months ago so they want us to visit ALL the less actives not the Elders, but we have areas, so it's complicated. But we have permission if they specifically ask US to come we go, even if it's not technically in our area. There's a family in the ward from.......CALIFORNIA! Tender mercy. I had someone to talk to!!! During sacrament meeting I hear "dos nuevo missioneros" I thought he was just welcoming us...nope I had to go up and bear my testimony. Scariest day of my life. Everyone just stared at me until my companion was like uhh...go. and I was like OH! That's what they said. haha oops. we had a MIRACLE! So we went to an old investigators house and her and her daughter said we could come back so that's super exciting & then we went to rush to a Noche de Hogar with our ward mission leader (who's also inactive) and they cancelled. So we were sitting on a bench calling people & I just wanted to go back to the piso. Well we started walking to stop by an investigators work & my comp stopped me & was like okay we're going to practice so you can talk & I really didn't want to.. but I did & we ended up just laughing as we were practicing and this guy walked by twice so we talked to him. HE TOOK A BOOK OF MORMON!! And we set up a cita with him for Sabado :) He has a wife and daughter!!! Such a tender mercy.

So that's the break down of my week. Sorry it's so long there's just so much to talk about! I love my companion, I'm so lucky I have her, we don't always know what the other one is saying but we always just laugh about it. Her and the other Spaniard in our piso were friends from before the mission!! How cool! Savannah you could just come to Spain and we could live together ;) haha. They are so funny. They just call me´s a little odd. but Hermana Focu...I'm not sure how to spell it there's more I just don't know it, anyways she doesn't speak any English so we don't really talk but we love each other. I love my piso. It's always freezing literally every house every church every where is cold. And it's rude to leave your coat on so pretty sure I'm going to die of hypothermia one of these days. haha but seriously. Well I love you all!


Hermana Terrazas :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

This is Real Life.


Well this is real, I am a missionary and I have a companion and everything!!! So get area is TERRASSA.


When President announced it everyone just laughed because he said "Hermana Terrazas, do you like people who speak Spanish a lot? And I said yes...and he said okay well how would you like to go somewhere that sounds exactly like your last name?" And then me and my companion freaked out because she's the one I was temporarily placed with last night!!

So I already knew her, my district leader, some other Elders and members of the ward! Oh and the other Hermanas we live with! My companion is Hermana Stanciu. She's awesome! She will teach me a lot, I know it. Today has been a super long day we didn't get to our area till 8:30 tonight and went straight to teaching English class where two of our investigators were! I love the people here. They are so loving! I'm super overwhlemed but I'm excited to start doing real misisonary work! Sorry I can't email everyone back, on Monday I promise!!! I love you all, pray for me.

Hermana Terrazas!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I'm Here!

Well this is it! This is real life. I am in Barcelona!!!! I don't have a trainer yet, I'll get one tomorrow but tonight I'm with Hermana Staciu she's from Romania/Spain and is super nice! We're going to an fhe for the ward! Today we got off the train, went and had breakfast, dropped off our bags, and then went to the mission home and got lunch and then went and toured some of Barcelona, I'll send pictures later. It's so beautiful here! Way different than Madrid that's for sure. I love it so much.

President and his wife are amazing! We had a huge lunch at the mission home and then had interviews with President. He's so loving! Him and Hermana Pace are so in love, it's probably the cutest thing I've ever witnessed. haha I can't believe I'm a missionary! Tonight I'm staying at the piso of my temporary companion! It's little, but nice. It's terrifying being here because I've realized my inadequacies with the language, and I'm terrified to go to the Fhe but I am also so excited!!!! Well I love you all, I only had 5 minutes to let you know that I was safe. I'll write on Monday! Be safe.

Love, Hermana Terrazas :)

Monday, January 19, 2015

This is Real Life!

Well this is it, tomorrow morning I head to BARCELONA!!!! At 4 am...yuck, but nonetheless I'm going to be a (as me and my comp say) Big Kid Missionary!!!! We get on a train super early tomorrow morning, and head down! Its like a 3 hour train ride I believe and then we tour Barcelona, have meetings and proselyte! The next day we get our trainers! I'm so unbelievably nervous to go... it's scary but I'm sure it will be great...right now I'm just scared honestly haha. But what's new. I only have 10 min so I can't answer emails but I will my next P-day, whenever that is...but as my teacher said we are supposed to email you to tell you "I'm headed to the lone and dreary world of pray for me." haha he's great. I can't believe I'm going to be a real life missionary! Thank you for you examples to me familia. Te amo mucho. Yo se que la iglesia de jesucristo es verdad, yo se que el libro de mormon es verdad. I love you all and am praying for you.

Love, Hermana Terrazas :)

Thursday, January 15, 2015

This Is It.

Tuesday morning (at 4 am gross...) I get on a train to go to Barcelona and be a real life missionary! I'm not sure what I'm feeling...excited...nervous...terrified but yet so excited. I know I'm not good enough in the language but I know that's okay. Yesterday our district made a goal to only speak in Spanish except during sport. It went so well! I knew more than I thought I did and I learned more than I thought I would! We were constantly looking up new words and it was SO MUCH FUN.

I can't believe I leave Tuesday. I'm praying I get a good trainer (preferably one like sister Collings or sister Blanchard or sister Unga or sister Mason....or really any of the sisters who have lived at our house) I just keep praying for them....that won't happen but I hope they're like them! Mom THANK you for the package!!!! And you sent as my companion calls it, Christmas Crack. It was gone in less than 24 hours cause I couldn't NOT share even though I really didn't want to...haha You're the best mom in the whole entire world :) I wouldn't change you for anything. So thank you!

oh also I GET TO EMAIL ON MONDAY SO ANSWER ME BACK FAST PEOPLE. Got it? Good. So glad. Oh uhhh so I hurt my knee again....oops? So I was playing volleyball cause I figured that's better than soccer, well you know me. I went to dive for a ball (I couldn't let it hit the ground) and landed on my bad knee. For a minute I was fairly certain I tore something, I couldn't put any weight on it, but it got better and luckily my comp was in sports med so she did a knee test and I did technically hurt it more it's just in more pain now. There's a ligament or tendon that's completely's gross and it's pretty swollen but It's gone down a lot. So it's back to normal...well not normal but it's back to where it was when I left.

So the other day for lunch we were fed fish pizza. Yeah you heard me. FISH PIZZA. I wanted to die. I didn't eat it I tried but I just couldn't do it. I made myself a pb&j instead. It was gnarly. So yeah. That was this week. Oh! Yesterday I didn't go to sport cause my knee was hurting pretty good and neither did Hna Schmidt cause she hurt her knee and I was gonna nap but instead we talked the whole time and it was amazing! We talked about gospel things and it was nice to be able to talk to someone about everything I'm learning. I've never learned so much in my entire life. I can't believe it.

Oh! I have another challenge. I presume you're all doing the challenge from last week, Well this weeks is to find something that you're addicted to. I think we all know for me it's dr pepper, and I'm no longer drinking dr pepper not because I can't, cause I could get it when I go to the store, but because I've realized that it's not good. I don't mean ever but for my whole mission and when I come home I will not let it be almost every my challenge is find something you could cut back on whatever that may be and do it. I know it will bless your life and help you so much!

Yo se que la iglesia es verdad. Yo se que el Libro de Mormon es verdad. yo se que vive mi Señor. And I love him so much and all of you. I miss you all! Be good. Love, Hermana Terrazas

The Stadium!!

with Hna Judy, Schmidt, and Beuchter. That's where the players actually sit!!!!

I went to the Madrid Stadium last week and it was awesome!!!! That's me and my comp

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Another Week!

This week has been insane! Well it's been like a week and a half actually. Okay I'll try to get everything in. So first off I had three "goals" in the MTC (besides the obvious) and it was to snap an apple in half with my hands, twirl a pen like Elder Bussell does, and to make this really cool sound if you flick your cheek, well I'm proud to report that I can do all three. SO nbd...haha Okay but to get down to serious stuff. Cause there's a lot this week.

First of all we had a devo by Elder Bednar and it was amazing. He talked about getting just cheap copies of the B.O.M and reading it front to back but having a question or certain topic. So obedience or faith. And he said only marking things pertaining to that. I challenge each of you to start doing that. He said we should all have a bookshelf full of B.oM sooo family and friends, will you do that with me?? Okay I'm taking your silence as a yes :) Can't wait to hear about it!

Second, we got to watch Meet the Mormons!!! I was so excited. Also I cried like a baby. But that's nothing good. Soo good. On New Years eve we watched Miracle on 34th Street and then went up to the commodore and we each had party hats & noise makers & streamers! It was so much fun! And then we did the countdown on some other countries time. The tradition in spain is to stand on your right foot while eating 12 grapes (1 per second) IT's difficult especially since they have seeds...but the point of it is to start the year off on the "right food" get it? It was fun! :)

We got the native speakers! One of them is from California!! She's my favorite. It was like I found a long lost sister or something! Also the other ones are so nice! They all want to learn English haha so we teach each other. But now we're in different zones so we don't really see them ever. Well I also got sick so that sucked but I'm good now. Well I'm being kicked off so I wanted to say more but I'll say it next week. I love you all!