Monday, January 26, 2015


Sorry I forgot stuff! My brain is scattered. Okay so first things first.


Orar (pray EVERY day)

Leer (read the Book of Mormon every day!)

Asistir a la iglesia ( go to church every sunday)

Do those things I promise they help.

Also every time I tell someone my name they laugh forever. It's getting a little old but I also love it at the same time.

I ate cow stomach. My companion didn't feel the need to tell me...rude. haha she just laughed at me and told me the next morning!!! A member made it for us but put it in Tupperware since we had to go so I ate it when we got home..yeah. It didn't taste bad but the texture was disgusting. I only had a bite or two and then ate the rest of the stuff.

Also my embarrassing moment, a member asked if I liked Terrassa...I said "Mucho gusto Terrassa" that means nice to meet you Terrassa. I'm such an idiot. haha Terrassa is super poor and ghetto. so that was awkward.

Also MIRACLE! My knee doesn't hurt! It just stopped hurting the second day in the field. Occasionally it will hurt when I'm in my piso but never when I'm out and about! I'm so grateful for that. I mean I may or may not have a hurt foot but we don't need to talk about that...hehe :)

Well I think that's it but probably not. haha

OH! for RICKY and Phillip and Katie! I saw Ricky when we were watching a devo from the MTC in Provo!! I freaked out and was super excited haha. So yeah!


Hermana Terrazas :)

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