Thursday, January 8, 2015

Another Week!

This week has been insane! Well it's been like a week and a half actually. Okay I'll try to get everything in. So first off I had three "goals" in the MTC (besides the obvious) and it was to snap an apple in half with my hands, twirl a pen like Elder Bussell does, and to make this really cool sound if you flick your cheek, well I'm proud to report that I can do all three. SO nbd...haha Okay but to get down to serious stuff. Cause there's a lot this week.

First of all we had a devo by Elder Bednar and it was amazing. He talked about getting just cheap copies of the B.O.M and reading it front to back but having a question or certain topic. So obedience or faith. And he said only marking things pertaining to that. I challenge each of you to start doing that. He said we should all have a bookshelf full of B.oM sooo family and friends, will you do that with me?? Okay I'm taking your silence as a yes :) Can't wait to hear about it!

Second, we got to watch Meet the Mormons!!! I was so excited. Also I cried like a baby. But that's nothing good. Soo good. On New Years eve we watched Miracle on 34th Street and then went up to the commodore and we each had party hats & noise makers & streamers! It was so much fun! And then we did the countdown on some other countries time. The tradition in spain is to stand on your right foot while eating 12 grapes (1 per second) IT's difficult especially since they have seeds...but the point of it is to start the year off on the "right food" get it? It was fun! :)

We got the native speakers! One of them is from California!! She's my favorite. It was like I found a long lost sister or something! Also the other ones are so nice! They all want to learn English haha so we teach each other. But now we're in different zones so we don't really see them ever. Well I also got sick so that sucked but I'm good now. Well I'm being kicked off so I wanted to say more but I'll say it next week. I love you all!

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