Wednesday, January 21, 2015

This is Real Life.


Well this is real, I am a missionary and I have a companion and everything!!! So get area is TERRASSA.


When President announced it everyone just laughed because he said "Hermana Terrazas, do you like people who speak Spanish a lot? And I said yes...and he said okay well how would you like to go somewhere that sounds exactly like your last name?" And then me and my companion freaked out because she's the one I was temporarily placed with last night!!

So I already knew her, my district leader, some other Elders and members of the ward! Oh and the other Hermanas we live with! My companion is Hermana Stanciu. She's awesome! She will teach me a lot, I know it. Today has been a super long day we didn't get to our area till 8:30 tonight and went straight to teaching English class where two of our investigators were! I love the people here. They are so loving! I'm super overwhlemed but I'm excited to start doing real misisonary work! Sorry I can't email everyone back, on Monday I promise!!! I love you all, pray for me.

Hermana Terrazas!

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