Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Name that song. Okay so! Wow. Crazy week. First of all, I'm sorry I was so scatterbrained when we skyped my mind was going 100 mph but I am so grateful I got to see you guys! Also sorry about all the tears...I promise I'm getting back to normal. Lol. Also I'm sorry I talked so much. After I got off I was so sad I didn't get to hear more about your life and what was going on. So forgive me please. But skyping was El mejor dia! (Best day ever).

So we get to go to the temple every week and I love that I went so much at home because now every time I go it's like a little piece of home :) I love it. So I memorized the first vision in Spanish!! So that was like super duper exciting!!! So yesterday morning we had these sandwich things and you had to cut the rolls open, well it's like 7 in the morning...so I'm still half asleep and I went to cut the roll with this HUGE bread knife...I missed and cut my thumb instead. So that was fine. I'm all good I just laughed it off. Even though it hurt. Like real bad.

Today we get 4 new elders and 2 new sisters :) they´re the Russian speakers from Provo MTC So that's super fun! And then next week we get 15 new sisters and 3 elders lol sisters are taking over the world man. They're the native Spanish speakers so they're only in here for 2 weeks. I'm halfway through with the MTC that's insane. I can't believe it. So in Preach my Gospel my favorite line is "All that is unfair about life can be made right through the Atonement of Jesus Christ." It's so true. Everything that is unfair can be made right. I know that's true.

So on Saturdays we go to the park and honestly this week I didn't want to go. I didn't feel like I knew enough Spanish and I just wanted to stay in the MTC. Well I had such a good day! There was this lady who looked so sad and we talked to her and nothing amazing happened but I got her to smile. And honestly that's enough for me. I loved it. Also we sing in the park, singing in Spanish is harder than I thought, not that the actual singing is different but they like combine words into one note and it's just super confusing and I don't like it at all. But I'm getting the hang of it. On Sundays we have singing hour and we practice and then go on the temple steps and just sing :) It's so awesome. Also! On Christmas Eve we went to a nursing home to sing and we were on the news :) So I'm on Spanish tv...nbd ;)

So we have this thing called TRC which is "referrals" and we teach them on Saturday night and we taught a teacher we don't have and after they give you feedback on what you could do better and what you did good. Well he told us "your Spanish is way better than I thought it would be, like way better, like I was talking in my normal speed (fast) and you understood and answered. For third week that's really good." That was so nice to hear! And what's funny about that is we planned a lesson and he totally went off topic so it was all from our heads :) I've realized this week how much Spanish I actually know. I know way more than I thought I did and can speak it! I'm not fluent or even close but I've definitely learned a lot! AND I've gotten way better at conjugating :)

Well I love you all, I pray for you! Have a good week. Pday is back to Thursday next week! Ask me questions or something so I know what to answer or something..idk haha

Love, Hermana Terrazas :)

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