Tuesday, December 23, 2014

One More Week Down


This week was so good but so hard. So I wrote things down so hopefully this email will be less chaotic. So on p-day right after I emailed you guys we got to go to the mall in Spain it was the biggest mall I've ever seen!!! Also I got a giraffe :) I just had to.

So we teach investigators that are really teachers but my favorite part of the mission so far is everything we do is for the investigator. Nothing you do on a mission is for yourself. I love that so much!

So we play soccer almost every day for sports. It´s so much fun. The foreigners (Finland, Austria, Scotland) are so into it it's hilarious. But usually I don't play with them, there's two fields and it's funner to play with the people who aren't as good. I scored the first goal the other day..so that's cool :)

We had a devo by Elder Bednar and it was amazing. It was all about knowing if it was the Holy Ghost or us. It was exactly what I needed to hear. He said Quit worrying about it, press forward, be a good boy, be a good girl. One of our teachers is so spiritual. and the other night he told us he'd been thinking about us and shared scriptures with us and it was awesome.

Hna Giorgino is my favorite teacher. She is so spiritual and so caring. Last night I was having a hard time. I just had a break down and every night we go around and say something we're grateful for and I skipped because I just couldn't think of anything, honestly. Well as we go up to bed she gives all the hermanas hugs and she hugged me and said you didn't share and I stared to tear up and told her I just couldn't think of anything and I walked away. Well as soon as I got to my room there was a tiny knock on my door and it was her. She just hugged me and talked to me until I calmed down. it was such a tender mercy. She also gave me chocolate...which helps :)

My favorite scripture this week is Ether 12:27 go read it. So on Sunday we had a special devo by...David Archuleta. So that was cool!!!! He´s a great guy. So humble and spiritual he sang 3 songs and talked about his mission. President told him he should wrap it up so he could rest before he went to do a fireside and he was like no, I love being with the missionaries please can I talk more. It was amazing. Also he was in the temple with us this morning haha.

This week was hard, but in the park I handed out my very first Book of Mormon! It was such an amazing feeling. "Already a baptism" (for those who don´t know thats a quote from best two years...hahaha.) The park is scary but during it, it is so much fun!!! I love it. I sent one picture I'm going to TRY to send more but I'll probably just send them to Bekah and she can post them on the blog since it´s hard to send things here.

Well I love you all, be good. Have a good week.

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