Monday, February 2, 2015

Week 2


Well this was tough. That "little foot thing" I mentioned last week was more than little. I went to the hospital on Friday (not because it was an emergency but because all the other doctors are on vacation) and they think it's either tendinitis or my nerves. Story of my life. haha sooo they told me to try not to walk on it (kind of impossible seeing as I'm a missionary...) and I have to go get an eco to see the tendons. I'm not sure what will come of it but it's been a struggle. Thursday-Saturday were a struggle. I just wanted to go home my foot hurt insanely bad but I was still working because I can't just sit at home. But it was to the point where every step I took I would start crying because it's an insanely sharp pain.

Well Saturday night I decided no I wasn't going home and I prayed and started my fast with the decision that I was staying. That night we went to a baptism in our ward but for one of the Elders and it was so amazing! The spirit was so strong and I was like yeah okay, what was I thinking. I'm staying. I'm meant to be here!

Sunday morning it still hurt and then after church it just didn't hurt still hurts but not as bad! So that's a blessing! It didn't hurt walking to our citas at all but killed when I was trying to sleep, but I can live with that! They gave me anti-inflammatory and I think that's helping! Hermana Flores told me to take it easy still but I probably won't...there's just something in you when your a missionary where you can't just "take it easy" there's too much to do!!!! But we'll see what this week brings. My companion and district are awesome and always seeing how they can help and how I'm feeling!

So my companion gave me this stocking and it has all the trainers and trainees in my "family tree" it goes all the way back to 2001!!!! SO COOL!!!! I forgot to take a picture of it but I'll try to remember for next week! It's pretty exciting!

Okay, I have a favor to ask everyone! SO LISTEN UP!  PLEASE :) My companions birthday is February 28th (hmm someone else I love a whole tons birthday is that day too ;) ) and she collects pictures of temples like the pass along cards,so if you could could you just put one of your temple in an envelope and send it? pretty pretty please?! I gave her the one I had of Portland and she was so ecstatic! SO like Dallas and Rexburg, Idaho Falls. Just whatever you can I would really appreciate it! :)

Well I was gonna send pictures but it won't let me...but I'll try next week :)

Investigators! We found an AWESOME family! The wife is a less-active and her husband and two sons aren't members but we went to do a Noche de Hogar with them last Monday and the son just kept saying how much he wanted to go to church!!! And the husband was SO receptive & has so much faith! It was the most amazing lesson I've ever had. The spirit was so strong! They said they couldn't come to church but then on Sunday guess who walked through the door?!??!!? The wife didn't she was at work but the husband and two sons!!! We're going there tonight and I can't wait :)

So at Ingles class I was talking to Kim (our Korean investigator) and we were talking about the church! She goes EVERY week and she reads the Book of Mormon and I was going to ask her to be baptized but then our other investigator cut it and made an inappropriate comment about me and the spirit left. I was devastated. We're giving him to the Elders to teach. Hopefully Wednesday I can ask her to be baptized!

So just so you all know that I'm still the same 'ol Ruth Saturday I was doing dishes and I smashed my thumb bad in the cupboard and I was like really whatever, so I went to start cooking and our stove is ghetto so it doesn't just turn on you have to turn the gas on and then light a match and start it like that. Well I went to do that but the door was open and the wind and I completely burned my finger. My companion was on the ground dying of laughter and I looked finger was BLACK from being burned and I look at my thumb and it's swollen HUGE and blue. it's brown and black right now and still super swollen. So yeah...haven't changed :)

On Sunday we went to a members house and guess what?! Her RUTH!!! AND she has a hurt left knee. AND she served a mission. Yeah she's my favorite. She actually met her husband at the CCM, it was super funny cause we were making fun of that and they showed us pictures from their missions and fed us! That was super nice because the members don't really feed us here.

Well that was my week...tough but it was good! My companion is awesome and tried so hard to make me feel better and loved :)

I love you all!

Love, Hermana Terrazas :)

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