Monday, April 6, 2015

4 Months!

This week was a good one! It was hard work wise but nonetheless a good week! First of all we had interviews with President which was just FANTASTIC!!! I love that man so much. Also his wife. Ah they're just the best. The love and respect I have for them is unreal. So that was a great time. He gave me a lot of good advice. Also Mom Hermana Pace sent you pictures of us so check your email and you can post them :) We took one of them with her Selfie stick...yeah she's awesome :)

So for Easter!!! We had an Easter Egg hunt!!! We don't have excercise sunday mornings so we just have an extra half hour to get ready so instead we had an easter egg hunt! Hermana Een woke up early and hid them all (she was supposed to wait for us but she was too excited) so we ran into the other Hermanas room (which is good because they didn´t hear their alarm) and then had the hunt! It was SO much fun! One thing I've learned on my mission is to have fun! Of course be obedient always but HAVE FUN!!! So we did. And then we made pancakes and had a feast! It was such a great morning it made being away from home a little easier :)

Conference!!! So weird to have it in a church not in my pajamas with family, but it was good. Pretty sure I was more homesick during conference than other times, but it's okay! All the missionaries and like 2 africans were in the room for english and it was really cool because there was just a special spirit there :) So it was good! My favorite part was when we sang I know that my redeemer lives and it was all the missionaries and it was just so great because we do, we're all here to testify that we know our redeemer lives every day. Not just on Easter! It was so special :)

So like I said earlier the work was a little difficult, one day we literally went through our plans back up plans and back up back up plans and had we're like okay what's plan D? Well obviously the answer was chocolate (even our members who were going with us and the ones feeding us failed) so we got chocolate and then decided to pass by a less active. It was amazing! They were so welcoming we had never visited them before and they just kept saying "I'm so happy welcome to my humble home" (they spoke English) It was hard because they told us about their difficulties, but the spirit was so strong and it was such a tender mercy :)

Well this is going to be short but I love you all and have a good week!!!


Gulliver Park!
Park shaped like a man! So much fun!!!!


Ruth's Zone for a recent GA tour

These sisters reached the "Standards of Excellence" TWO weeks in a row! Outstanding!!!

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