Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A New Commandment

1. Others will know that we are disciples of Christ if we show love to everyone, Christ has never ending love to everyone and so we need to show that same love.
2. If someone were being ridiculed or made fun of for the way they dressed I feel like Jesus Christ would stand up for that person. He would make sure that they didn't feel alone and try to stop the others from ridiculing without being mean. He would make the person being made fun of feel loved.
If someone were new at church I feel like Jesus Christ would go up to them introduce himself and be their friend. He would show them where their class was and sit by them so they wouldn't be alone.
3. I hope that by the way I act everyone I come in contact with knows that I am a disciple of Christ. I am going to focus on my old roommate who is on a mission and write her a letter of uplifting words because she is having a hard time with her new companion. So I am going to try to be like Christ and uplift and love her so hopefully she can love her companion!

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