Thursday, February 20, 2014

Being A Disciple of Christ

1. Being a disciple of Christ means a lot of things, it's not an easy task but it is the most rewarding. From the reading these were the main points I got of being a disciple:
-serve others
-give to your neighbor
-seek the kingdom of God, don't worry about worldly things
-strive to enter into the gate
-forsake all you have
-have prayer with Heavenly Father
-have faith
-read your scriptures

2. The one I would like to apply to my life more would be to seek the kingdom of God and not worry about worldly things. This one is hard because even though I love the gospel and Heavenly Father it's hard to put aside the natural man inside of me. Sometimes in life things come up and you know the best option but the worldly one is just so much easier. Not saying I'm making major bad decisions but just the everyday little things its hard to always remember to be seeking the kingdom of God and totally forgetting worldly things. I know that if I apply this then I will be much happier. Yes it may be hard sometimes but in the long run I will be happier and life will be easier because I will always have the spirit with me.

3. Ultimately to be a disciple of Christ we need to come unto Christ in everything. We need to lay aside the worldly things and realize everything that we have is because of him, we are forever indebted to him. Our bodies are his and to be a disciple we need to use them the way he would have us use them. We need to never give up, to give to others, to constantly be serving, being a disciple of Christ means to have joy.

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