Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Walking on the Sea

1. The reaction of the Apostles when they first saw the Savior walking towards them was fear, they thought that it was a spirit and were afraid.
2. Peters first response was to say well if it is really you then let me walk on the water to you, that indicated that Peter had faith that all things were possible through Christ, that if it really was Christ then he would be able to walk on the water.
3. Peter began to sink because he got scared, he saw how bad the winds were and was fearful, fear and faith cannot live together.
4. As soon as Peter began to sink he cried unto the Lord to save him and then Jesus immediately put forth his hand to save Peter. He didn't let him wait it out, as soon as he cried out the Lord was there.
5. In this verse it says "if your eye be single to my glory" the principle I got from this verse was if we focus on the Lords will then we can do all things through him. When Peter first asked to walk on the water he had faith that through Christ anything is possible, he didn't have his own will in mind or his own fears. This can be applied in my own life to help me through my storms for comfort. That I know storms are going to come, and they're going to be scary but if my eye is single to his glory then I have no need to fear, I just need faith and he will help me through it. I know that if when I'm going through these storms if I reach out to God I will get through it and anything is possible, but if by chance I do let that fear creep in the second I reach up my hand and ask for help my Lord will immediately reach his hand down to save me.  

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