Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Transfer Week!

So Sorry if I scared some of you by not writing (Rebekah) but I didn't know the week of transfers preparation day is on Tuesday, so every 6 weeks remember that!


BAD NEWS: I'm being transferred so I won't be there. Freaking Depressing

BUTTTT I'm going to.....................VALENCIA!!!!

Super weird that I'm getting transferred, I got up to bear my testimony and I said well "Me voy a Valencia" and literally everyone just gasped and started whispering. Everyone was fer sure we were both staying because I'm in the middle of training or if anything my comp would leave. NOPE. Saturday night we got the call...Hermana Terrazas your help is needed in Valencia. I don't have time to write today just to tell you that, maybe when I get in tonight or tomorrow I can write! Valencia is SOUTH like more south than Madrid...so it's going to be hot.

I never realized how much I loved these people. Literally since Sunday morning my heart just feels like it's breaking. And B. is so sad I'm not going to be at his baptism. He wanted me to baptize him (of course we told him I couldn't) But still. So that's super depressing. And saying goodbye to the members. Holy. I don't think I've ever been this heart broken. Besides saying goodbye to the family this was the second hardest thing. Ay yi yi. But I know I'm needed in Valencia so I'm excited (and also terrified) for this new adventure! My companion has only been in the field for 12 weeks :) She trained at 6 weeks! Buttt she's american so I'm guessing we're going to have a struggle with the language, but it's going to be okay.

I love you all! Sorry I can't really answer all personally but I will later or on Monday :)

Love Hermana Terrazas :)

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