Monday, March 23, 2015

The Rain in Spain Falls Mainly on the Plains... a lie. It falls EVERYWHERE! Its been raining since Friday just straight! I actually love it a lot haha Its not too cold still warmer than Terrassa was so we just bundle up and its great! One night it was too windy for our para aguas (umbrellas) and so we were just booking it to a cita with G. (we were late because we were in a cita in a little pueblo pretty far) and we bring a member and poor girl, its just downpouring! So by the time we show up to G.s we're super late AND dripping wet. We looked like wet puppy dogs. haha But G. let us in and it was great! She is wonderful, she had a brother who just died and we were able to have a wonderful lesson on the Plan of Salvation and promise to her that she could see and be with her brother again. It was so good! And.....

She has a fecha!!!! For this Saturday :) the 28th our other fecha for the 28th (a.) changed to the 11th of April because her moms going to be out of town and General Conference is the week after that. So thats a little sad but its all okay!

So Tuesday I went to Barcelona to get my residency! So thats like super super exciting!! On the way there we got super nice seats that reclined back and were cushy to sleep :) Ah so great! It was so nice to be able to see everyone from the MTC again! It was a super fun day!

And then on Wednesday I did intercambios with Hermana Boyer in Catarroga!!! Basically I wasn't in my area this week..haha pero bueno. I love Hermana Boyer!!! She's from Holliday Utah and we're just like best friends already. Ah she's so great! She goes home this transfer which is actually super depressing because we can't be companions ever. We're both actually really sad about this! But she's great and taught me so much! She definitely taught me how to have more confidence street contacting!!

So Thursday night Fallas ended, we actually got to watch them burn since there were 2 right by our piso!!! Such a cool experience! It all seems like a dream because by the time we woke up Friday morning there was no sign of the Fallas, the buses were back to normal the ninots were (obviously) gone. So crazy.

So Friday night we're planning and me and Hermana Een both are like wait, we can hit pautas this week, (pautas are like the main goals of the mission every week) so we scramble and Saturday and Sunday work our butts off and make pautas!! Well not all but 3 of the 5! It was crazy Sunday at church we're like okay we still need one more new and 2 more member present lessons. Well someone brought a sister to church who lives in our area, so after church I took a member with me to teach one of our investigators in the church and Hermana Een took another to teach the new and bam. There we did it! It was such a great blessing to see that we did all we possibly could and then the Lord provided the rest for us :)

So one Spiritual thought I want to share from my scripture reading this week is about the signs of Jesus' birth. So the sign of his birth is 3 days of light right? And the sign of his death is darkness. I just had a moment and was like "I am the light and the life of the world..." He is the light of the world and when he was born it was light for 3 days....when he died the light left. But returned when he was resurrected. Just a fun thing I thought I'd share :)

I hope you all have a great week! I love you all so much!!!

Love, Hermana Terrazas

Ps. Thank you Santa Maria 2nd ward for the cute heart notes!!! They made my entire week :)

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