Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Well I'm here! So this afternoon I took a train from Barcelona with 6 other missionaries to Valencia! I knew the other Hermana because she lived with us for a week or two so that was super nice and I knew some of the Elders because they were in my zone. At the train station there was a TON of missionaries and I saw like 3 or 4 from the MTC :) They all were super shocked I was being transferred already!

So basically all I heard the whole train ride was how Valencia is the "paradise" of the mission so I'm super stoked! Also we went by the coast so it was just like home :) The ocean on one side and field and mountain on the other! SUPER PRETTY! Our piso is SUPER nice, way different than Terrassa, and we live with two other hermanas, one who was in the CCM with me! We're both super excited :) Valencia is huge, there's 3 wards and 6 missionaries in each! Way different than Terrassa haha

Tomorrow I have to go back to Barcelona...I don't know why I just didn't stay there seeing as its about 3 hours away, but oh well. My companion has to go to the training meeting! But I'll get to meet the new missionaries so that will be fun! My companions only had 12 weeks in the mission (she trained at 6 weeks) so I'm a little bit afraid for the language part, but all I hear is how great she is and how shes a machine :) She must be if she's training again! Especially this young in the mission!

Well I'll talk to you all Monday! I love you :)

Hermana Terrazas :)

My address!!! It is

c/ Fontanares
1, 2

I love you all :)

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