Monday, March 16, 2015


Familia y amigos!!

This was a good, long week! :)

I'm not sure if I talked about the fallas last week in my email but the fallas are a huge celebration here in Valencia and it's AWESOME! I'll send pictures today. There are these huge ninots some are taller than the buildings (huge) and others are a little smaller. The childrens ones they burn at 10 pm and the big ones at midnight! We'll be able to see them from our window well..the 10 pm one because they're right in front of our piso it's great :) Today we went to the mascleta which is the "firework" they do everyday at 2 and literally it seems like your going to die. There's thousands of pictures and the ground is shaking it's so loud. Terrifying...but yet so awesome :) We were there with most the zone in the heart of Valencia! It is GORGEOUS! Like when you think of what Spain should look like that's it. Bull ring and all. People are dressed up in the traditional dresses and are parading around today probably until the 19th when it ends! I have pictures :) Also fireworks are always going off and every time I'm convinced someones being shot. No joke. This is not America that's all I have to say about that. Haha I love it! Saturday night the huge parties started every street with a ninot had a party so ours did...yeah it was loud. haha

So we played a lot of games this week...the first game we decided was hide n seek. So the ward gave us a list of all the members who didn't have home teachers and all but like 2 are inactive so they wanted us to pass by and see if they still lived there. Haha. we had each bought a chocolate bar (because our investigator told us she didn't want us to visit anymore) and we decided that every time one of the people didn't answer or didn't live there any more we would eat a little square of our huge chocolate bar. Lets just say after probably 3 hours we had eaten all but 3 little pieces...a night that usually probably would have been really hard was super fun and we kept good attitudes the whole time! It was way great. So we decided that was like hide n seek. They're winning in case you were wondering..haha The second is ultimate sardines. With the fallas the metros are PACKED from like 1-3 literally we had to let 3 go by because you could not physically squeeze one more person on. Sardines to the max. I decided one day I want to play ultimate spoons in a metro...HOW FUN! But afraid that's going to have to wait until after the mission. haha!

So on Wednesday we had a Mission Tour with Elder Olssen from the 70 :) It was such an amazing experience! He is super great! Also of course President and Hermana Pace were there which I just love being with them. They are so loving and every time they teach I learn so much! One thing Hermana Pace has been focusing on is your "drag", so an airplane can't take off it has drag, well she relates that to us and how we can't become the missionaries we could if we don't leave our drag behind. So this week I figured out what my drag was and I've been working really hard to just leave it behind! I'm definitely not perfect at it yet but I've noticed a change and I love it! It helps that I have such a diligent up beat companion! Yesterday Elder Davis (our district leader) told us that he always sees us so happy and that the members notice it. That made me so happy to hear! It's my goal to not complain and just always look at the bright side of things and I've noticed even on the hard days I've still been able to be happy and keep a positive attitude!

My piso is awesome. I just love all 3 of the hermanas. We celebrated pi day obviously because well, 3.1415926....uh this year is the only year it will ever be this cool. So we ate pie on 3/14/15 at 9:26 yeah. Coolest thing every. Hermana Lamoroex (something like that) has a ukele and she'll play and we'll all just sing. Ah it's great. I love it! Also the other Hermanas in my zone are awesome! We all do things together on preparation days so it's super fun! Hermana Boyer is a Sister Training Leader and we decided we're twins (she's the youngest of 8) she goes home at the end of this transfer which is super sad but she lives in Utah so I'll definitely be seeing her around..she said she'd write me :)

So WE HAVE A FECHA!!! A. is great. She has a fecha, her grandma is a less active and A. has been taking the lessons and we thought she didn't want anything and then she came to church and she just completely changed! Like super happy, her mom and grandma told us she's changed :) She's 13 and the mujeres jovenes just were awesome! Her date is the 28th but we have to push it back because her mom's going to be out of town! So hopefully the next weekend!!!!! She's stellar. Also we taught her mom the first lesson and she was super receptive :)

We worked with less actives a lot and had a good amount at church! :) One came who we apparently called (neither of us remember it) but she brought a friend and now we're going to be teaching her! MILAGROS :)

In our ward we have a cute young family from Arizona they have a little boy who's 4 months old. We had dinner at their piso and it was just so nice :) They really need friends because she doesn't speak any spanish and is really lonely. But they're awesome and they're going home in 2 weekends and offered to bring us back downeast shirts and peanut butter. Bless their souls :)

Well that was my week! Oh btw on Friday the 13th a black cat crossed our path. Super sketch. But don't worry todo bien :)

I love you all! Have a great week!

From las Fallas :)

Ps. Tomorrow I'm going to Barcelone to get my residencia :) I'm gonna be a resident of Spain!!!!

This is my piso that I love so much :)

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