Monday, March 9, 2015


Can you believe it?! Cause I can't!

So this was weird with transfers and all, I haven't done much I feel, but I have at the same time. My companion is Hermana Een she's from Las Vegas. We actually get along really well. She loves bad jokes (like stupid not like morally bad) and it's great. makes me laugh tons. 

Our piso has 2 other hermanas and one was in the CCM with me! I love it! It's loads of fun. Seriously it's the best. Our piso is nicer in ways but also not. For instance to turn on the hot water you have to turn this knob on the wall, turn on the sink, and then turn on the water in the shower. haha. Yeah and even then it doesn't work, so I use the other hermanas. Also for hot water in the kitchen you have to turn the sink on in the washer area until something turns on and then turn on the sink. It's good fun. 

My ward seems good! It's different than Terrassa so it's taking some getting used to that's for sure. But I'm sure I'll love it :) I sang in church! Apparently since I'm blonde I know how to sing? That's what I was told anyways. Haha we were with the choir and the director just thanked us a ton for helping it was awesome :) 

So story time. On Friday we got a call and they said go straight home after the Metro don't wait till 10 (we have like 10-15 minutes usually) so we did and we went and talked to the hermanas and apparently the Elders went to visit a recent convert and he told them that he was abducted by the spanish governmet and was told to kill all the Mormons and Muslims also everything American was being taken out of Spain. He said "the war starts Monday" the Elders saidthere were weapons and stuff in his piso (hes in the military or something?)  and it was pretty freaky but they called president and he just said not to visit him anymore. So today we're wearing normal clothes just to be safe. But we basically all just laughed about it after the inital shock. I was pretty scared for a bit but we're pretty sure he's just kinda not all there. So don't be worried so far so good! So we laugh about it a lot in our piso, not sure if we should..but nothing else we can do right?! 

Anyways. This week was a little tough adjusting but I'm sure it'll get better and better   :) I love you all! Have a great week!

Love, Hermana Terrazas :)

My address!!! It is

c/ Fontanares
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I love you all :)

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