Monday, June 15, 2015

Mission Birthday

Hello family and friends!!!!

Man this week went by SO FAST!!! So I officially have 6 months in the mission and 21 years in life. What the?! Craziness. Well my birthday was FANTASTIC! Thank you all you for the birthday wishes and what not! They meant the world to me! Also Grandma for the card :) and Daddy :) and For the birthday packages Mom and Bekah Sarah and Nannie :)

Rundown: got woken up to Hermana graham and lamoreaux singing happy birthday...yes that picture is a stack of bread. We do what we gotta do as missionaries, haha. I was pretty confused at first.

So that awkward moment when the iPad decides to freak out and only send the first paragraph of my letter! It was a good one too!!! But no I don't have much time, so I'll try to summarize:

The hermanas decorated the piso and made me breakfast and Stephanie (the Americans) made me a huge delicious dinner and that beautiful cake :) and she gave me a huge bag of Spain candies! :) it was super sweet of her!!!

So Friday we had a crazy day full of miracles and fun adventures. We set a fecha for baptism with An.!! And we met a lot of new people to teach who are super awesome! One of them, Ad., said he wanted to go to church on Sunday so we arranged to pick him up! Then we got out late of our cita and missed our bus soooo we either had to get home SUPER late or take a taxi...we took a taxi haha adventure! But we made friends with our taxi driver! We've made it a goal to make friends with the bus drivers too! They're always super nice super interesting people! It's super fun to talk to them!

Saturday we decided not to go back home for mediodia cause it's a 45 minute bus ride each way so we definitely had language study in a bar haha but it was super great! Also it was super weird day like it was sunny but raining like crazy. Like POURING!!!! We were with Belen and we didn't want to leave the building cause it was going crazy so we called two people who we were in the street to come into the building for shelter and then just got to talk to them!!! Also we were walking down the street and this guy yelled something at us but I didn't understand so we went up to him and he was like "why do you Americans never understand our broken African English" we died haha it was so funny! He turned out to to be coolest guy, super smart and super happy! And he's a member!!! From forever ago!! So we're friends now! Also right before we left he was like, "be careful around here, and if anyone tries to do something to you, tell them Fidel is your tio. They won't touch you." First off, thank you that actually makes me feel better. Second, uh why is everyone in Oriolls afraid of you Fidel...? Haha we've seen him a couple times since then too! It's nice having lots of friends in Oriolls cause sometimes it's super sketchy but it's small so our friends are always nearby! I love it!

Sunday we went to go pick up Ad. and first off he was still sleeping haha at 3 in the tarde! Soooo we missed our bus..and he was like that's okay we'll go in my car, but we can't go alone in a car with a man so we called a member and she came and went with us. It was super awkward to explain but funny! He just laughed at us a little and waited patiently for her to come haha gotta love the mission :) but really. There's always an adventure and I'm always learning more :)

I love you all and have a great week!!!

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