Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Interesting Phone Call....

So last night at like 11 at night I get a call from President, I figured it was for my companion (ya know about sister training leader stuff) so I pick up and this is how the conversation goes:

"Hermana  terrazas, we need your help"

"Okay, with what?"

"There's an Hermana who has to go home, we need you to go to Granollers, and the Hermana who's there will be transferred in 2 weeks so we need you to learn the area."

"Uhhh..okay when do I leave?"

"Wednesday morning"

So I'm being transferred to Granollers mid transfer! It's super heart breaking, not going to lie, but it'll be good. We all had our good cry (like literally all 4 of us). It's just sad to not be able to say goodbye to the members or my recent converts, especially D. who JUST got baptized Sunday! I'm worried for my area seeing as the Hermanas from barrio 2 and Hermana graham will be in a tripanionship and our areas are NOT close at all. The zone leaders were upset too haha they said they didn't approve, but they all also told me that I was the only one who could do it(which I KNOW is not true) but they told me that President doesn't just pick willy nilly about these things which did give me peace.

My heart hurts so much, but I'm excited for this new adventure! Apparently the bishop of Granollers is AMAZING and Elder Davis told me the ward mission leader brings us fast food every coordination :) haha I mean besides the getting fat thing I'm not complaining! So today/last night has been a bit crazy, we're going to see some members to say goodbye tonight which will be super fun! It's sad cause us four in our piso are all just super close, they're just like my best friends so I'm actually really sad to leave them, like honestly they've become such close friends of mine that it's so sad knowing I won't live with them again or probably see Graham and Lamoreaux until after my mission!!! But that's okay we're all for sure hanging out after, we have it planned.

Today since it was only the 4 of us and the zone leaders who had preparation day (they had conselio yesterday) we went and rented this bike thing and rode around and took pictures and then got the good burger :) it was the FUNNEST preparation day!!! Mostly because it was so spontaneous like we were just walking and we saw the bike things (I'll send pictures later) and we're like yup doing it! Funny thing is we were in skirts since it was not planned, and now I feel for all the Hermanas in biking areas!!!! Haha

Well besides that craziness that went down this week has been a GREAT one!!! D. got baptized on Sunday! It was super cool we had one of his friends from the ward baptize him and a girl in the ward who can speak French give her talk in French! It was way cool! The missionaries sang a Child's Prayer! Did you know how hard the children's songs in Spanish are? Cause they're hard! But it was nice, there was a guy who came up to us afterwards and gave us a really sincere compliment, he told us he saw a light in us 4 Hermanas that he doesn't see in most missionaries!

We also had zone conference this last week! It was super sad cause it was President and Hermana Paces last conference with us all, but it was such a good conference! I just love being with the Paces. They're so humble and so committed to being missionaries. I have a couple zone pictures I'll send as well! One from the conference and one from the preparation day before! We all played sports as a zone and signed a Valencian flag to give to the Paces!

Okay I'll send pictures now! I hope you all have a fantastic week! I'll let you know what my new address is and stuff when I get there tomorrow :) love you all!

Love, Hermana Terrazas



D.'s Baptism!


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