Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Transfers Done!

This week was a long one but super good! I got my new companion and I love her!! hermana Graham she's from Texas and we get along super great. We're going to have a blast while working super hard! She has 1 year in the mission and her spanish is awesome. People don't believe her when she says shes american ahah so she's helping me a ton! And because she's a Sister Training Leader I'm am going to be with Hermana Lamoreaux companion 1 day every week and then when they have concelio!

So Hermana Larsen is Hna Lamoreaux companion and is brand new! So it's super fun cause I get to work with her!!! We were together sunday night and all monday! it was cool to see that I can speak the language and run an area. Like just to see that I was capable of doing it! And I loved helping her out! I would translate to let her know and then teach her things to say during our citas! It was super fun! We're gonna have a bunch of fun!

Also I'M GETTING AN IPAD TOMORROW. BOOM. I know because well Hermana Graham already has hers because in concilio they all got them. How crazy!!! I'm super excited! They're super nice to have, and one thing thats cool is we're allowed to read emails just only respond on preparation day. So it's like letters! I can read them whenever I just can't respond! How fun! I'm excited!

So this week I had been praying to find service in spain it's super hard to find service but one day we were in orriols and we had just been in the street talking to people for an hour so we decided to stop and get a postre and then people started like sweeping the streets and it was like a group and they were talking about keeping orriols clean so we walked over and I was like "hermana we have to find a way to join" aand then this lady waves me over! So I went over and she handed me a broom :) So we join this muslim church cleaning the streets of orriols! And we got to talk to a ton of people about who we are and why we're here! We met one guy and he is friends with one of the members and has a book of mormoN! He gave us his number and address and wants to come to church :) How cool!!!! From serving we found someone :) It was so awesome!

It's been crazy busy week but so much fun! D. is not getting baptized this weekend anymore which was a little hard for me but we're changing it to the 21st and hoping he's ready by then :) he's so cute he bought us pizza and watermelon and coca cola! He's the sweetest. haha. I love you all!

Have a great week! Sorry this is short and scatterbrained!

Love, hermana Terrazas

This is our new district! We're the only companionship not in training haha

the pizza well...we got pizza one night. So good.

the fries was today we went to this place with the zone leaders

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