Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Transfer week is crazy because the whole week your just stressing about Saturday night (that's when we get the call) but it's also super fun! This week was a good one! I love the mission. I had a hard day but hey, who doesn't? So I had a quick second on the metro cried for like 2 minutes and then moved on. It was such a good week I don't even remember what happened.

Well first things first. I'm staying in Valencia!!!! My new companion is Hermana Graham she was in my Zone in Barcelona and is AWESOME!!!! I am so excited to work with her!!!!!! Seriously so excited. It's gonna be great! Hermana Een is actually going to exactly where she was, we're just trading companions. haha. Hermana Graham is a sister training leader which means every first week of the month my preparation day will be tuesday so I'm gonna be writing on tuesdays more frequently because she has conselio. Hermana Een is also going to be a sister training leader! I'm super excited for her! And Hermana Lamoreaux is going to train again!!! Woo!!!! So that's the exciting news!

Sunday was Elder Ochoas last Sunday in the mission which was super sad but we did a musical number in church and it was super pretty! Our district. Also our ward when missionaries get transferred all line the halls after church and sing God Be With You Till We Meet Again...super cute...super awkward as well haha but it was super fun. And then this other missionary song that isn't in english which is super depressing because it's my favorite. Then we took lots of pictures together and said goodbye to like everyone!

Honestly this letter is going to be short because I just can not remember anything that happened, except that it was a good week full of miracles! OH! So one day we were teaching this guy God's Will (thats his name) and we were sitting in the hallway teaching and he was sitting in his house (it was a little awkward) but he was all worried cause the neighbors but one comes home looks at us and goes come talk to me tuesday about your church at 4 okay? And we're like uhhhh can it be a different day? And so we set up a cita and he gives us his number and everything!! And then he's like do you have something for me to read so I can prepare? OF COURSE?! Coolest thing ever. Blessings of being obedient :) So cool. Also after explaining the whole Restoration Gods Will is like so you testigos...and we're like no we're actually not the testigos...it was a little awkward but it's all good.

We moved our fecha till the 7th of June instead of the 31st but Carla who is amazing and just has to get divorced said the papers should go through!! And spain just passed a law where bishops can marry!!! This is  a HUGE deal. Such a miracle here. Insane!

I love you all! Your great! Have a good week! Sorry this letter is short and probably doesn't make much sense...but I love you!!!

love, hermana Terrazas :)

We made elder ochoa a tombstone cause he's dying :)

This morning!!!

Saying goodbye to hermana een and birch!

the valencia hermanas at the train station! half are leaving!!!

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