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Well where do I begin?! This week was crazy. CRAZY. SO much went down. Okay maybe not that much but it felt like it.

Monday! We hung out with Stephanie Smith (the people we skyped at) and she took us to The Good Burger (I was in heaven). It was just like home. The burgers were delicious she was super sweet! I've seriously been craving a burger for like 5 months now ( Michael I expect burgers when I come home okay?!) so that was delicious! Then we went to Ladrou or something like that which is a porcelain muesam thing thats super famous in Spain! It was so much fun!

Then that night we went to visit D.. He is an antiguo from our area book that we decided to talk with again! One of the first things he said is that he wants to be baptized!!! We kept teaching and then went to set up the fecha and he was like "Tomorrow?" WHAT?! That was crazy. We said no because we still have to teach him...anddddd he doesn't speak much spanish only french. So thats a little bit difficult but we have awesome members who help! So the goal is that he will be baptized The 31st of May :) He walked to church yesterday (he lives super far) AND didn't get home from work until 11 in the morning. That is dedication!!!

Then on our way home from him we were on the bus back to piso and the heater is's like super warm that wasn't fun and then one stop a TON of old people get on. We're talking the entire bus is sardine packed. With the heater on. I've never seen old people so close to starting a riot. They were all yelling at the bus driver and all unhappy. We were a little bit afraid for our lives haha. But then some random man just turned it off in the back. So that was nice! We were DYING!

Wednesday we had Specialized Training! SO GOOD! I love President and Hermana Pace SO MUCH!!! It's unreal. President thanked me for my faith and for the faith of my thanks ;) And he told me "I'm so glad we didn't do something crazy like send you home" Me too. Me too. Then he like called out while he was teaching about how we have a miracle he was like "Do you know we saw a miracle here?! Hermana Terrazas is sitting down and then she's going to go work!!" Some people were super confused haha it was great. And super awkward.

Then that night before our Noche de Hermanamiento we had some time so we were just contacting in our area by the church and this lady stops and talks to us and is just going on about her life (she already has a Book of Mormon from a long time ago) and then she's like do you want to go sit down and take some juice or coffee? But we only had 15 minutes until it started so I was like well we don't really have much time and I told her & she was like well then you have 15 minutes...I'm like okay yes so we went. We were 40 minutes late to Noche de Hermanamiento and we had to teach. Sorry Elders. Haha But hey we got super good juice and postres!

Thursday we did intercambios! My sister training leader this transfer is Hermana Jimenez. She's a native and I LOVE her. She is so great! We worked in her area which is super nice because they're piso is known as "the pijo piso" which means like super rich/fancy so that was fun! But thursday it was like 110 degrees it was a record in Valencia and there was crazy wind and it was hot wind. It was...miserable. We thought we were going to die. And every single cita fired. So that was great haha but we just bought ice cream and drank lots of water and it was fun! We had a miracle! We visited this lady they contacted in the street and she only spoke english so I would talk and she would talk back then I would translate for Hermana Jimenez and then she would talk in Spanish and then I would clarify in English. It was fun! Well we invited them to the English bapitsm and she sat up all fast and goes "your church does baptisms? I want to be baptized, I've been waiting for this and it just clicked when you said that! Can I be baptized?" .....well I mean if you insist! It was crazy! Then Hermana Jimenez just hears baptism and is like que? que? So I explained we have to teach some more but yes yes she can! It was so amazing!!!

Saturday- A. came to the baptism and the whole time I'm like wow this is so good like he's going to love this! He's a super stubborn old man who told us he won't get baptized because no one can tell him what to do and he can go to this church without getting baptized haha...yeah it's super fun. but he came and so afterwards we're like what'd you think. He said it was boring and doesn't bring him joy. Well...okay then. haha

Sunday- the most stressful day of the week by far! So basically all our citas fired on us and we were sad cause a lot of people who said they'd come to church didn't but then this lady comes up to me and goes "I'm the one you called this is my son!" We've had an investigator going to church for probably a month and a half and we didn't know. We thought she was a member! Dumb. So that was funy/frustrating to find out. Then that night we had a cita with this girl Sara on a bench and at the end I asked her that if God answered her prayers and she found out this was true if she would get baptized and she looks at me and goes "hombre, claro" (man, of course) WHAT?! So that was exciting! Except she's leaving the country :( only for 3 weeks!

So yeah that was our week! Sorry this is super long! Just a lot went down! It was a super good week! We find out about transfers on Saturday!!! How crazy!

 I love you all have a good week!

Love, Hermana Terrazas

ps. this is stephanie! 

And then me and my companion on the roof of a building!


This is what our pueblos look like! Still buildings! But this is what I mean when I say pueblo. It's not the greatest view of it all but its good enough!

Me skyping!

The piso in barcelona with like a thousand hermanas!

A.s new puppy who I'm in love with!!!

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