Monday, May 4, 2015

Guess What...

....we're getting IPADS!!!! Tonight we go to Barcelona to have this huge conference with the ENTIRE mission to be trained on how to use our new Ipads :) We probably won't get them for a week or two depending on when they come in!! But still super exciting! And I'm staying in Hermana Schmidts piso so I get to see her again :) I'm super excited!!! Besides the fact that I'll have to stand for a good majority of that 4 hour conference...

Well this week we were in piso again. Yet again. BUT Wednesday night President called me and was like just trying working tomorrow for the night and see what happens. We're gonna push it a bit. Which I am TOTALLY fine with. But then it was hurting pretty good so he told me to rest on Friday and then Saturday try working for just 3 hours because the thing is the church won't let me stay here if I can't work. So this is kind of like make it or break it time. Saturday was even worse than Thursday. I was having shooting pains up my spine and it was not good at all. So that was super bad news. But then Sunday (I didn't work but I did go to all 3 hours of church) I felt much better and today it's pretty good too! So I'm hoping thats a good sign :) I would be okay with working with pain except for the fact that I'm afraid if we don't let it heal then it will just go back to where it was and I'll have to take time to heal all over again. But the doctors in Germany should have my X-Ray by now and hopefully by tomorrow we'll hear what he says about it.

BUT! When we went to send my X-Ray to the mission office we found a miracle! We walked in and this lady looks at us and goes "Mormones!!!" And we were just like uhhh yes... (second person within 20 min to contact US) and she said she used to go to our church in her country but couldn't find it here. It was her turn so she asked us to wait for her so of course we did and then we talked got her number and address and left. She lives in the other Hermanas area so we gave it to them and they visited her yesterday and first lesson she asks "So what do I have to do, when can I be baptized?" SO COOL! The Lord really is watching over his work and it gets done how he wants it to. Just think if we didn't have to send my X-Ray in we would of never met her :)

So we did Member splits this week so Hermana Een could work! It was super fun to get to know some members better :) both who stayed with me had served missions and it was super fun to reminisce with them. Also one of them (in the other ward) when I told her I only had 5 months in the mission she was like "Really? Your spanish is so good I thought you were going home! You spoke it before your mission right??" So that was a good feeling :)

I got to go to Zone Enfoque this week (every month the whole zone meets to talk about goals and what not) but I was told I had to stand during it. I was getting some weird looks. Well when we go up to put our goals on the board we have to say our name where we're from, and what makes us happy. Well I said "Because I'm on my mission!" my companion says something little and cute and then looks at me and goes "I'm happy because I can sit down" haha half the people laughed/gasped and the other were like "What...?" Because they had no idea about me. So that was funny.

So we don't have much time to work but I swear we have the most self sufficient investigators! They're both older men and they both come to church every week and read the Book of Mormon without us really even meeting with them! Also one of them A., was like "Que debo hacer?" from the folleto and I was like si ir a la iglesia and he goes no "leer en el libro de mormon" I was like ohhh that. It was super funny.

An old lady offered to give me her cane as well! Guess I looked that desperate or something...

Well thats my week!!!

I love you all and I'll SEE you next week (SKYPE!)

Love Hermana Terrazas

I got to see what my back looked like! In Spain doctors don't keep files of things they give them to you because its personal and everyone should be they're own keeper. So they just give you your X-Rays! How cool!

I forgot to mention that Hermana Een drew and I colored a bunch of pictures and then we taped them over the artwork in our piso for when the other Hermanas came home :) This was the one of me! Also me reading Jesus the Christ...

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