Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Miracle's Are Evidence of Faith and God's Power


Miracles of the Lord
Who Demonstrate Faith
Matthew 8:1-4
Christ healed a leper
The leper
Matthew 8: 5-13
Christ healed the centurions servant.
The centurion  
Matthew 8: 14-15
Christ healed Peters wifes mother who had a fever.
Peter’s wifes mother
Matthew 8: 16
Christ cast out the devils with his words and healed those that were sick.
Those that were sick and had spirits in them
Matthew 8: 23-27
Christ calmed the sea
The disciples in the boat
Matthew 8: 28-34
Christ cast evil spirits into the swine.
Two men possessed with devils.
Matthew 9: 20-22
Mark 5: 25-34
Christ healed the woman when she touched his garment
Woman with blood disease
Matthew 9: 27-31
Christ healed the blind men who could not see.
Two blind men
Mark 2: 1-12
Christ healed a man with palsy and forgave his sins.
The man with palsy

Knowing that God has this power strengthens my faith tremendously, I know that when I am sick if I have faith I can be healed. Of course, not always will God heal me like he in the Bible but through blessings I  can be healed. God will heal those who have faith and believe in him. 

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  1. I look forward to reading your posts. I did just learn about Infant Shadow which is amazing :)