Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Premortal and Mortal Savior

John 1:1-14; 17:1-5

  • The doctrinal connect between these two references is the work that Christ did through Heavenly Father for us. He is the light and through Christ we can receive eternal life.

  • Premortal Jesus Christ: 
    • The light and life of men
    • He is the Word of God
    • He created all things 
    • John was sent to bear witness of him
    • His light shineth in the darkness
  • Mortal Jesus Christ:
    • He came unto his own and they received him not
    • To those who believed he gave power to become sons of God
    • Full of grace and truth
    • Power over all flesh 
    • Glorified through God

  • Christ- the annointed, a sacred title, identical to Messiah, expressive of our Lord's divine origin & Godship
  • Messiah- identical to Christ
  • Jehovah- means "Self-Existent One" or "The Eternal" in ancient Jewish practice it was not to be spoken for fear of incurring divine wrath.
  • Immanuel - means God with us, a prophecy of Jesus' birth into mortality. 
  • The Word - The Father declares him "the word of my power"

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