Monday, September 14, 2015

Noche de Culturas

Well this week we had our culture night! (I'll send pictures later) it was super fun! We got there early to set up there were 9 or 10 different countries! USA, France, Honduras, Argentina, Ecuador, Colombia, Spain, Bolivia, Venezuela, and we had more countries in our ward but they couldn't come! We watched a video before about all the countries, has a message and then went to eat! I made banana bread and it turned out super good! I was scared cause it was my first time making it but it was good! I had lots of arguments because they kept trying to call it cake...its not cake. Also everyone complained that I didn't bring hamburgers haha but all in all it was a super fun activity! We had two investigators come and I think they liked it!

Since Wednesday was my 9 month mark I took the traditional pregnancy pictures, I don't know why but it's a tradition in our mission for the hermanas to take pregnancy pictures at 9 months haha so I'll send those later :)

This week was a little difficult work wise, basically all the people we had just fell through and we either couldn't get in touch with them or they didn't want anything and then the whole week we were street contacting or knocking doors and we just had zero success. We don't know what happened, Sunday night we still had 0 new investigators for the week and I was just praying to find at least one person, so we went to one of our pueblos to do some pass bys and we decided to talk to every single person, even if they looked scary, or busy, and after probably 30 people we found a guy named C.!!! And he's been to our church before! So that was a huge miracle. But this week we're ready to just contact the heck out of Granollers and find people! R. (our fecha from before) told us on Saturday that she still wants to be baptized but can't because her husband doesn't want her to, he had been trying for a long time to get her baptized in his church but she said no, and so she said if she were to get baptized in our church it would start a huge fight and possibly end their marriage. So obviously that can't happen, we're hoping with time he'll lighten up and she can be baptized.

I'll send some pictures now! Love you all!

Love, Hermana Terrazas

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