Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Goodbye Granollers

Yup, I'm being transferred. We kinda already figured, but I had the hope that maybe I would stay one more. I am going to Martorell! It's kinda funny I have now served 45 min to the west of Barcelona, 45 min to the north, and now like 45 min to the south...they just really want to keep me around! Haha but I knew if I'd be transferred I'd stay close. Anyways, my new companion will be Hermana Reid. She actually lived with us in Terrassa my first 2 weeks of the mission and then we went to the Valencia zone together at the same time! It's kind of nice to already know who my companion is and what she's like!

Well this week was crazy. We had Zone Conference which was super good! I love conferences in the mission. They're definitely one of the best parts. Especially testimony meeting. Missionary testimony meetings are the best. After that I had an intercambio with Hermana Lamoreaux so they was super fun!

So on Friday we were out working and my throat hurt but I just went bought some cough drops and we kept working, well then Saturday morning I woke up and boom. Tonsillitis. I have some great luck. Saturday I felt like death. I basically slept the ENTIRE day. And then Sunday at church everyone was like "ohh....your sick..." Thanks you noticed? Haha.

 Man this ward is SO hard to say goodbye to. I feel like every ward I just get closer to and love more and more. I feel like my second family is here in Granollers. I remember when I got here thinking that I hoped I got transferred soon and was not looking forward to my time here, somewhere along those first few weeks everything changed and I became unbelievably close with the people here. It really was so hard to say goodbye. Hermano Merchan in our gospel principle class asked me to bear my testimony and before I did he told me "Hermana although maybe you didn't have many numbers here you planted seeds, and we'll take care of them. But most important you taught us all, you shared your love and we learned so much. I learned things from you I will keep forever." It was the sweetest and then in consejo when I told them I was leaving bishop got up grabbed one of the young adults there and said "give her a big hug for me" and then she gave me the longest hug. I am so grateful for the love I have felt from this ward. Afterwards all the women stayed to watch the Relief Society broadcast and Maria deal Angels came and sat down by me and told me how it would be so weird for her to watch this in Spanish because she always watches conference in English. Soooo we went to another room and I got to watch it in English :) I was a happy camper. But when we were watching during one of the songs she turned to me and said "I'm sure your moms thinking of you right now, and she's really proud of you." It was a tender moment.

Monday I had to say my hardest goodbye, Dari, Romane, and Dylan. Dari is a recent convert who is 14 years old and I just love her! We go to their house every Monday night to have a lesson and dinner :) I am going to miss all the laughs, jokes, and food. Haha. They made me a cake with a candle and everything :) also they gave me an anklet which is super pretty! I feel like Dari is the little sister I never had. Oh and of course her baby brother Dylan :)

I'm sad to be leaving but excited to go to a new area and meet more amazing people! I know for sure I will be visiting this family of mine here in Granollers. I'll send pictures :)

I love you all and have a great week!

Love, Hermana Ruth Terrazas

Ps. I'm sending this this morning and then I'll get back on later to email more with my new companion.

I forgot!

So this week was a weird one so one day we were contacting and this man kept trying to kiss us! And then got mad at us because we didn't want to haha like the first time he tried and we backed away and then got mad that we didn't like him and we explained we're missionaries and he kind of calmed down and then like 5 minutes later tried again. So we just walked away. In the moment it was super annoying, now looking back it was super funny.

When we went to eat with one of our members she decided to give us a law of chastity lesson for when we got home....haha talk about awkward. But super funny!

I'm sure there's more but I can never remember, anyways until later :)

Barcelona and Badalona zones :)

Oh yeah we had a birthday party for Elder Deleu!

Julia and Ana :)

Dixiana and Mateu :) her parents live in Martorell so I'll see her!

Dari ❤️

Maria deal Angels :)

Yes that says my name...haha I promise they don't call me that but she said "Terrazas" wouldn't fit and then Romane said "yeah and my hand would cramp trying to write all that!" Haha

Dylan :)

My companion

Almost all the hermanas who got transferred!

Hermana birch is now going to be the companion of Hermana Canales!!! (Hna birch is in my group and I lived witness her in Valencia and love her!!!)

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