Monday, October 5, 2015

Martorell/General Conference

I hope you all watched and LOVED General Conference! I know I did! We went up to hospitalet to watch it (the stake center) so we got to watch it with the missionaries in our zone. They always play it in English in a different room for missionaries and investigators/members (there are a lot of Africans in Spain) I LOVED conference! So here in Spain Saturday we watch the women's broadcast and Saturday morning(that ones live) and then on Sunday we watch Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning (live) and as missionaries we can't watch Sunday afternoon because it doesn't play until after curfew. So today for preparation day me and Hermana Reid made for French  toast (we don't have a waffle maker) and went to the church and watched conference! I loved it! I can't pick a favorite talk but, I think the best thing was all the invitations and challenges we received! So mom mentioned this to me and I was thinking the same thing, we should all share our scripture every week, I'll put mine up every week and share my feelings about it and then you all can do the same :) also mom sent me the pictures of all you watching conference in your homes and it made me SO HAPPY to see my family and even better, them all watching conference. One quote I loved was "family is the center of life and is the key for eternal happiness". I love my family!

Well this was my first week in Martorell! The areas good, with conference I didn't get to meet all the members but we ate with the bishop so I got to meet his family and I've met others just around town and the few we've visited. They all seem great! Well as of now Martorell doesn't have much but it has SO much potential. I love that I have a companion who is equally dedicated to being exactly obedient. It just makes the work that much easier. We contacted basically all week and saw HUGE miracles, like huge. We said that no matter what we would have 8 new investigators(that's the goal for the mission each week) and we did! Sunday morning we had 5 but we're blessed to find 3 more! One of them is an older man who I went to contact but didn't hear me (he was turning) so I kept walking but my companion retried and he stopped, so I ask him if he believes in a God and he tells me no, but as we keep talking he tells me he has faith in a God but that God doesn't love him or care about him, that he knows he's his child but God doesn't care to listen. It broke my heart, so We bore our testimonies about how God is listening and he said well he's never sent me any sign and that's when I said, "well he did, because we're here." He kind of chuckled and said maybe your right. We were able to set up a return cita with him although he refuses to tell us his name..haha oh those old Catalan men. It was such a miracle for me! I've never been able to be that bold but because I could just feel such love for this man it wasn't boldness it was love! Another miracle is Peter. So after conference we had a cita in our area, last thing Sunday night(usually those nights are filled roaming the streets stopping every person you see because there's only like 3) so we went to "Peters" house and a woman answers, well it turns out she's an old investigator and her 2 children. We taught them and they were so excited we came back! They didn't know why the missionaries stopped visiting them. We're not sure if Peter gave us the wrong address and led us to them or if maybe he does live there, but either way it was a huge miracle!

Well I love you all and hope you have a great week and apply the teachings from Conference! Tomorrow morning I will pick my scripture and next week I'll share it and I'll be waiting to hear yours!

Love, Hermana Ruth Terrazas

She bought me chocolate :) this companionship started out on the right foot.

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