Monday, October 19, 2015

Philippians 3:2

Read it. It says... "Beware of dogs." Yesterday this scripture came to life.

We went to visit a member and its this huge house with this gate, well she lets us in and this pit bull just comes running barking and growling, and first I'm like oh whatever hola! And then it just starts getting closer and she's like no it doesn't then tries to bite my hand and I barely move it in time. Que va. So she grabs the dog and is like once he calms down so after a bit I put my hand up to his nose...and he goes nuts and tries to kill me again. So she had to carry the dog until we got inside. Scariest moment of my life. I don't know why, but it's true that missionaries and dogs are NOT friends. The bible even says it.

This week was super good! We had intercambios and I was with Hermana Steinfeldt! My mtc companion! So that was fun! And we saw a huge miracle! Do you remember I. from last week? Well Wednesday we were waiting for an investigator to meet us at the church for a cita and I. walks up so we say hi and he's like we had a cita right? (No we didn't have one until the next day) so we're like oh...yeah...okay. So we go and talk to him (our other investigator never showed up) and we teach him the restoration and he tells us he knows it's true! And that he already believes the Book of Mormon is true! So we set a fecha with him to get baptized the 7th of November! He is super prepared!

And then on Sunday we had like 4 people who said they would for sure be at church...and not one of them came :( but then we were sitting there during sacrament meeting and this young girl walks in and the bishops wife asks me if I know her I say no she must be one of the elders. So afterwards our ward mission leader brings her to us and says she lives in your area, so we talk to her and she's friend of a less active member and so she just decided to come and see what it was like! All on her own! She stayed for all 3 hours and LOVED it. She said it was filled with love and felt like we were all just a big family. :) what a miracle!

So funny story. Wednesday during English class they're asking me how to say phrases and I'm like wow they have a ton of questions this is something great! Then it turns out they were just wondering how to ask us out....hahaha took me awhile to catch on but they thought it was hilarious, and then at the end they were like "como se dice tus ojos son muy bonitos" I'm like "your eyes are very beautiful" and then they would say it back to us with these huge grins. Haha we got a good laugh out of it. Oh Africans.

Well anyways I had a great week and I hope you all did as well! The scripture I was ponderizing this week was Helaman 12:1 "and thus we can behold how false and also the unsteadiness of the hearts of the children of men; yea, we can see that the Lord in his great infinite goodness doth bless and prosper those who put their trust in him."  I really liked this scripture because I realized that it's true, the hearts of men are so unsteady we're always changing what we want, but when we learn to put our trust in God we feel his love and his blessings, his ways don't change. It's something I'm working on more is how to put my trust in God and not in man.

Love you all!

love, Hermana Ruth Terrazas

That is the Christopher Columbus statue where he left from Spain!!! How cool!

We went to barc today! And got MEXICAN FOOD! Man I've missed that stuff.

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