Monday, October 12, 2015

10 Months!


Man I just feel like every month goes by faster and faster! How crazy I hit my 10 months already!

This week was a good one! And a long one! Well I got my retainer finally (from when someone stole my bag like 2 months ago) and wow it hurt! I felt like I got braces all over again! But the day we got it we stopped by the office and Hermana Een was there so I got to see her! I love being able to see old companions :)

So this week a recent convert from the Hermanas was helping us with a cita and he's from Ghana and is so funny. He's my new favorite person here. He just told me all about Africa and what countries are good and which aren't and how they tell the difference between each other. It was super fun. He also tried to teach me Twi...I think I'm just going to stick with English and Spanish.... But we were waiting and he was like "this guys from (place in Africa) but I mean...I'm not judging or anything..." Apparently there's some bad blood between some states in Africa haha and during a cita with him we're talking and all of a sudden he just bows his head & closes his eyes so we're like okay I guess it's time to start so I ask him who's praying and he just says "you are" without looking up, it was really funny. And then to close I ask him who he wants to say it and he says you & I told him I just prayed & he was like so, you're new. Haha thanks...

Also this week something I've noticed my whole mission finally clicked. The difference between city buses/bus drivers and pueblo ones. The city ones are just normal men and if there is music it's so quiet you can barely hear it. Pueblo buses are just crazy. The bus drivers are usually hippies, and the music is loud and just anything goes. They're these little buses and the bus drivers just go fast and crazy. It's the closest we get to a roller coaster ride on the mission. I love pueblo buses. Even though sometimes I fear my life, it's all good.

This week when we were at a Locultorio printing off something the guy final,y asked us who we are and with what group so we explain what missionaries are and everything & then he just goes oh okay...well this is free and gave us free gum :) I love nice people!

We had two huge miracles this week! The first is N., we contacted her last thing one night and she seems super interested so we set up a cita and we met with her she's our age, and is just golden! During the lesson she stops and says "is it okay with you if next time I bring my boyfriend to listen as well?" Uhm YES! She is definitely prepared. And then there's I.. So Saturday we had a cita and we brought a member with us. Well the cita fired and we couldn't go contact (I'll explain later) so we didn't know what to do so we walk out of the building and he stops and waves this guy over from across the street, and then turns and tells us that this is his friend and he's been talking about the church with him and wants us to teach the guy I. comes over and before we can say anything the member says I want you to invite him to church (in front of him) so we laugh and I'm like hey we have church tomorrow! You should come! He said maybe, but then left. Well Sunday, HE CAME! That like never happens!!! And the best part he's been there before!!! And said he'd start going again!!! What?!? Miracles!!!

Okay now I'll explain the not being able to contact thing. Well lately my knees have been getting worse but I've still been able to work, well Saturday we had ward sports, and we all we played is rapido where you just shoot the soccer ball in the goal, and I thought it was fine because I wasn't running & i don't kick with the bad knee. Well after my knees hurt, and then as the day goes on it gets so bad where I just could not walk. At all. I would try and have to stop after 2 steps...which was okay because we had a day FULL of citas so if I could just manage to get there I could rest for 45 minutes, well every. single. one. Of the citas we didn't know what to do seeing as I could not walk for 5 hours contacting. So we called a President and he told me I had to not use my legs for 3 days...he said "you can get up to go to the bathroom or eat food but besides that you do not use your legs. You can go to church if you want, but that's it.....and never kick a soccer ball again." Yes sir. So we're hoping after these 3 days they'll be feeling better. Which I'm sure they will be!

As promised last week, my scripture that I ponderized this week was Alma 57:27 "Now this was the faith of those of whom I have spoken; they are young and their minds are firm and they do out their trust in God continually."  When I read this scripture it just stuck out to me. Then the more I thought about it the more it meant. I thought of it as explaining the missionaries here in El Faro, a lot of times people are so surprised at how young we are and what we're doing, but it's because of this faith and trust in God that we're here for a year and a half or two years.

Anyways, that was my week! I hope you all had a wonderful week!

I love you all!

Love, Hermana Ruth Terrazas

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