Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello dearest family and friends!

Happy Thanksgiving!!! I'm glad we decided to take our preparation day today and I get to "talk" to you :) I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving...or are having...or will have...mejor dicho. I hope you all know how grateful I am for each and every one of you in my life! It's so strange that last year we were all together saying goodbye! It's been a year since I've seen most of you! How strange! Today didn't feel like Thanksgiving, probably cause the food wasn't as good. Well, and obviously I'm not with the fam bam. But that's okay! We had fun as a district :)

We changed district meeting to today so that afterwards we could have Thanksgiving as a district! Hermana Reid did the turkey, I did the rolls, the Elders did fruit salad and drinks, Hermana Solos had corn on the cob, Hermana Canales had salad, and the other Elders had pie and mashed potatoes! Oh and to get a turkey here you have to go to an actually meet shop not just the grocery store and order it 3 days in advance, then the day of pick it up. I watched them cut the head off and finish cleaning it! Also while watching another lady chop up a rabbit, face and all. Yummy. Anyways we got our turkey and had to finish plucking the feathers off! That was an adventure. But fun! It's weird that it's just a normal day here in Spain, they don't celebrate Thanksgiving, but they do celebrate Black Friday and actually call it Black Friday. So I mean, they got something I guess.

Well, we got all the scans into the doctors in Germany, and President has gotten results from a few different ones. Last night he was going to call the guy who's over everything and talk about the results and I should know by Friday! I'm super nervous, but I know whatever they decide is for the best!

On Sunday we went to our ward activity to watch Meet the Mormons and Innocent came (a recent convert) and he brought us back chocolate from Ghana!!! It was so nice! He said it's the only thing Ghana knows how to do haha well during the movie we get a call from President so of course I start freakin out thinking he's going to tell me some big news about what the doctors found...nope he was just calling to get help on how to work a Mac computer. Haha "hi Hermana Terrazas I was just calling to see if you could tell me how to copy and paste on this thing?" Haha it was pretty funny. President and Hermana Dayton are so funny I love that I've been able to get to know them better. Hermana Dayton gave us these 2 character books that she used to teach her kids for us to teach our kids one day! It was so nice. Also Saturday I was really tired, I was yawning a ton and she stopped what we were doing and goes Hermana Terrazas go take a nap. There's a bed, go. I tried to fight her but she wasn't hearing it, she told me I had to go eat some food to get my stomach full and then take a nap. I didn't...well I went and laid down but couldn't sleep. It was just really funny.

So this week our sister training leader wanted to do an intercambio...and seeing as I can't work we had to figure it out, it was complicated but worked! On the way to Barcelona Hermana Shake jumped onto the same train we were on at her stop (half an hour away) and rode with us the rest of the way to the office then they dropped me off with Hermana Dayton (she was sick) and then Hermana Dayton sent me down to the office (downstairs) to be with Hermana Morejon and work with her. It was weird. Elder Morejon was very confused when he asked who my companion was and I just pointed at his wife haha. But it worked! Then later I went back up and ate dinner with President and Hermana Dayton until the Hermanas in Barcelona could come pick me up! That was so much fun! Hermana Fernandez was one of the hermanas who picked me up, she's from Spain and was in the MTC with me! She's so funny everything is "oh que linda" or "mi bonita" in her sweet little voice, I love it haha she speaks English really good as well! Also in that piso is Hermana Larsen who I lived with when she first got in the mission! So it was a fun night! Then in the morning they took me back to the office where my companion met up with me.

There is this old Filipino man named Archie and he is a member and is just basically a part of the mission. He was there and sang my first day in the mission and I'm not sure why but he's always just sitting in the mission office. He loves being around missionaries. Well Tuesday he was there and he would sing a primary song and like twirl and then go and shake my hand and say "that's my talent" haha he is so funny! He changed the words of the primary song  "I know Heavenly Father loves me"  to "I'm glad I was baptized in Spain! Yes it's great to be a Latter Day Saint" hahah well him and the office elders a long time ago wrote a song called "Amigos para Siempre" and they sung it at my transfer meeting and Tuesday he calls Elder Day over to where we are and makes him sing it with him. It is so funny! Next time he's in the office I'll try to get a video, it's just too good. It made my week.

Well sorry this doesn't have much missionary stuff...sometimes working in the office and not going out and proselyting makes for a different type of mission, but that's okay. As president tells us almost every day "everything's spiritual to God, and your helping the missionaries and us" it makes me feel better.

My ponderize scriptures for the last two weeks (because I forgot last week again...sorry) are:

1 Nefi 3:7
"And it came to pass that I, Nephi, said unto my father: I will go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded, for I know that the Lord giveth no commandments unto the children of men, save he shall prepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he commandeth them."

And 2 Nefi 2:24
24 But behold, all things have been done in the wisdom of him who knoweth all things

These two scriptures have really been a comfort to me during this time, first of all to know that if God commands something, he'll provide a way, he's not going to tell us to do something just to watch us struggle. And second, just to have faith that everything happens for a reason. A lot of times we may not know that reason, but I do know that God who knows why, knows everything! So it's okay! I've learned to have so much more faith and trust in God that everything happens for a reason. Just keep doing what I need to do and everything will turn out the way it needs to.

Os quiero un montón!

Hermana Ruth Terrazas ES❤️

Our thanksgiving! We named him Charles...just finishing giving him his first bath!

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