Monday, July 13, 2015

Nadie Nos Quiere

But really. Haha that as our saying this week. No one loves us.

I love my companion! But really! She's the sweetest native I've ever met! She's super funny too! We get along super well :) and I love having to speak Spanish ALL THE TIME! I realized the other day that I literally only speak English 5 minutes a day when I talk to the elders! How cool is that!? I love it! And although my Spanish isn't perfect she's so nice, she always says even if it's not perfect she understands me haha I tell her to correct me and sometimes I'll just keep saying the word if I think it's wrong until she says something lol usually she tells me I said it correct not to worry haha but I have to make sure! I hope we stay together 2 or 3 transfers. She's 26 and I feel like she's just a sister. Most natives are SUPER blunt and rude but not like they mean it its just the culture, but she's not at
all. Like, at all.

Granollers is good! It's a little hard right now but that's okay, we still have a good time! We don't let ourselves get down about it. We knock doors a lot....but knocking doors builds character...right? ;) haha we have a couple good investigators but not that many so we're just working to get more! Imanol (the miracle from last week) is still super good! He is now friends with one of the counsellors from the bishopric so that's super good!

Well nothing much really happened this week to be I don't really have much to say b it was super good and yeah! I hope you all have a good week :)

Love, Hermana terrazas

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