Monday, July 27, 2015

Bens Wedding!!!!


First off the wedding!!! How was it?!? It makes me so sad I wasn't there, but I am SO grateful to have you as family! The cardboard cut out and the pictures made me so happy!!! But seriously, although I wasn't there and it was super sad that the whole family but me was there, having the pictures made me feel like I wasn't forgotten :) so thank you! But really, I am so grateful to be a part of this family and that we're a family FOREVER <3 i love you all so much!!!

Well today for preparation day we went to Tibidabo which is the highest point in Barcelona it's a cathedral. The view is super pretty so I'll be sending a bunch of photos today!

This week was a good one, honestly not much to say about it haha but I did have an intercambio with hermana dorgia which was super fun! She was my first sister training leader so it's fun to have her again! I have pictures from that as well because well, we got stuck out in a pueblo because the buses don't come during mediodia and we had eaten with a member so we went to find a park to do language study, and we didn't exactly find a park but we found this abandoned place that used to be used as a live nativity it's like a whole town! It was super cool!!!

Our investigator I. dropped us, basically came in told us he wanted nothing to do with this we tried to talk about things with him, but you can't convince people especially once they've made up their mind. But good news...he still wants to be We were joking about how we felt like we just got broken up with.

Sunday night we had a fireside about family history. Wow. Best fireside I've ever been too. I am so sad that so few people went. The spirit was so strong! They did an activity were 6 people sat up front and 3 people in the crowd had names. Well one by one out of the 6 would get up read who they are when they died they're story and how they've been learning about the gospel and then would ask "Does anyone have my name?" When people did you could feel the joy, but when it was just silent you could feel the sadness. I'm pretty sure everyone was crying. They were all real family of the people there and it was so hard to have to see them sit back down. It made me realize how important family history work is. The people on this Earth have a choice, the people there don't. They can choose that they want it but we have to make the choice to do their work so they can accept it. Wow my heart was just filled with love for my family and sadness for those who don't know.

Well that's about it I will now sound a ton of pictures! I love you all so much!!!

Love, Hermana Terrazas

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