Wednesday, August 5, 2015


This week was great! :) we had interviews with President which was awesome :) President Dayton is super great! Also Hermana Dayton! She made us rice crispies. I was in heaven! It was super good to be able to get to know President.

This week we had a competition between the young woman and the young men. We set up pautas for them (goals to reach) like we have in our mission! It turned out to work super well! We won!!!! We had 3 different girls who helped us and we basically just knocked doors with them since all our citas fired haha now they REALLY know what a mission is like! I told one of the girls that the first time I knocked doors with the missionaries they made me speak first and she looked at me with complete terror and was like your not going to make me talk are you?! Lol I said no but it was pretty funny haha it was so fun to work with the youth!!!! I love it. I've found that's something I really love, working with youth! Also Sunday we had an activity and watched Meet the Mormoms! We've been inviting people for 2 weeks now and Saturday we sat down and literally called everyone in our phone and agenda...a good amount said possibly....and 0 people came. Haha typical. BUT we had also been visiting members this week and challenging each of them to bring a friend and like 4 or 5 new people came!!!!! Working through the members really is the best way. So that was a huge miracle!

It rained this week! We were SO happy. We got back to piso soaking wet (I'll send a picture) but we loved it! After this heat it was so needed!!!

Today we went to Terrassa!!!!!! Wet met up with Hermana Stanciu and Hermana Mendez and their companions and elder Johnson and his companion!!! And got to see members! I got to see B. (my recent convert), his mom, M., her parents, A., and C. and her kids!!! It was so good to see everyone! I miss those people so much! Everyone asked me so how's your Spanish? Lol I just answered better and they said we can tell. Haha it was super funny! And good to know I've improved ;) we also made tacos! And homemade tortillas it was delicious!!

This week was much better, I don't know why but I was having a couple of rough weeks, I was happy me and my companion get along perfect but I was just struggling but the Lord is so great and I've noticed every day that I've been happier and the work isn't easier but my attitude is! President Dayton told me something in our interview that I will never forget he said "A mission isn't meant to be easy, it's meant to be hard so that we can feel what the savior felt. We would never appreciate this work if it were easy and everyone accepted us, we need to feel how the Savior felt" that hit me that I'm here to represent Jesus Christ and the road was not easy for him, why should it be easy for me? Granted, it is much easier for me always because I have his help, but I really liked that way of looking at it!

Well I'm gonna send pictures now I love you all :)

Love, Hermana Terrazas

Soaking wet walking in the rain :)

It was the birthday of a less active so we heart attacked her door :)

Both our moms sent us a skirt :) we wore them and literally had the best day. The luck of our mothers!!!

The missionaries who served in Terrassa :) and andres :)

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