Monday, August 24, 2015

Just Another Week!

Well, this week was an interesting one. I feel like nothing happened and yet so much. Kind of a bummer but De., our investigator who has a fecha has gone sketch haha. We haven't seen him or talked to him. We call he doesn't answer and we stop by and he's not there. So that's pretty sad, but hopefully this week we can get in contact with him!

So we went to eat with Maria Jesus, a member, and we got to the train station saw a train leaving and barely caught it, so we were sitting down talking to this girl and we realize the trains not stopping.....we got on a train without stops. Haha so we rode it until the first stop and ran and caught a train to go back. Well when we got there it was saying stops and it said Mollet so we thought perfect it's stopping in Mollet! We got on....ANOTHER train without stops. It was saying the pueblos it WASNT stopping in. Haha it was really funny and luckily the trains didn't take us too far. And on the first train the girl we were talking to was super nice, she's from Nicaragua which is right next to Honduras so her and Hermana Canales clicked and guess what?! After a while she asked me where I was from and I said the U.S. And she said she thought I was from Spain because of my accent!!!! Happiest day of my life.

After Maria Jesus that same day we went to visit a recent convert who lives in a pueblo close to Mollet that we usually take the bus to. Well during the month of August there's no bus (they take vacations seriously in Spain) so we had to walk. But the worst part was that we had to walk on the freeway to go over! Talk about scary! Haha we were just hoping we didn't die haha. So that was fun!

So every Wednesday we eat with a member named Josepha and she's like our grandma. She always gives us a packet of cookies and a juice before we leave! It's super cute. And then every Friday we eat with Maria Jesus, we say she's like our crazy aunt, haha she has a super spunky personality that I love! She was the first sister missionary in Spain. And she converted to the church when she was 20. She has cancer and is alone but so strong in the gospel, she is such an example to me. She always says "tu sabes, asi es la vida" "you know, this is life" (for those of you who need a translation lol). I was telling Hermana Canales that maybe we don't have a ton of members at lessons, but I feel like I have friends here! Like I go to church and I feel like I'm with friends, and the whole ward, I love it! The work is a little slow right now, but the people are great.

Oh! I forgot to mention last week that the week before we had no gas or hot water haha it was only for a week luckily but of course it was the only week that was cold and rainy! Luckily we get fed twice a week because we couldn't cook! We did weekly planning at the church so that we could cook food after. But while we were cooking it started POURING!!! Obviously we went and played in it!

So every week we teach English class and at first no one came but lately we've been getting more people, well this week the elders couldn't come and I was worried cause we usually do two classes for the different levels and they told me not to worry because their investigators weren't coming, well one of ours came who can speak she just needs help with little things, and then an investigator who ALWAYS says she'll come but NEVER comes walks through the door...and she speaks that was interesting I was trying to juggle the both haha

Also I realized lately I haven't been really saying much, so sorry, but I'm the ward chorister. Haha when Hermana Ratliff left I became the that's interesting, and now me and Hermana Canales are doing visiting teaching with a lady in the ward because we don't have many who are doing it. We went yesterday it was super weird! We were in a car!!!

Friday we went to visit Romane and Dari (Dari is 14 and a recent convert) and she had boughten us skirts!!! So Sunday we wore them and everyone called us twins :) haha I'll send pictures!

I love you all have a great week!!!

love, Hermana Ruth Terrazas

This is Romane and Dari...the reason I'm getting fat on my mission. :)

Dari and Dylan :)

How many months we have!

My wonderful companion and I :)

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