Monday, August 31, 2015

Festa Major

That means 'fiesta mayor' in Catalan. This week was the fiesta mayor! It's this huge party Granollers has (basically every city in Spain has its own party) and they divide the city into two teams the blue and white (depending on where you live) and they have games throughout the week between the two teams and every night there's a party. It seemed super fun, obviously we couldn't go butttt it looked awesome and we have shirts!!! A member got them for us. We're the blue team, although technically we live in the white area our member lives in blue and he said we had to be blue lol but it's our area so I guess that counts!

This week was a good one! We were with Georgina (the relief society president) a lot visiting some women in the ward, it was super good to get to know them more and how we can help and also to work with her! She has a daughter who's 2 and is going through a phase of unhappiness and so one day we were passing by some people and the little girl was super grumpy and Georgina didn't feel good either so I asked her if she wanted a cookie (my favorite bakery is right there) so I bought her a cookie and she was so happy it was super funny and then the next time we were together luckily I had made brownies that day for people and brought some for her because she asked for a chocolate cookie! I have a feeling I need to bring a treat with me from now on...

Well Saturday and Sunday we were in piso because Hermana Canales was sick, we planned just for Saturday morning so she could sleep so we called to tell Hermana Dayton that she was sick and going to sleep and she told us to call at mediodia so we did and she told us to stay in piso Saturday and Sunday :( it's good because she needs to get better but staying in piso is the worst haha but lately a lot of missionaries try to push through the sickness and are getting worse so everyone who's sick has to stay in piso and rest for a day or two.

I gave my first talk yesterday! I've always gone up and born my testimony and introduced myself but yesterday I actually gave a talk! It was super scary but turned out good :) luckily I have a native companion so I was 100% sure that what I was going to say made sense and was correct, that calmed my nerves a lot haha. It was kinda funny I was the second speaker and so I spoke and right after was a hymn...and since I'm the chorister I just like walked over to the side and waited for the was a little awkward but funny! I realized that now on my mission I get nervous because things are in Spanish but I have a feeling when I go home I'm going to be nervous because things are in English. The other day we were visiting a lady from Africa in the ward and I started to talk in Spanish and Hermana Canales kept having to remind me to talk in English! I would start to say something but it would just come out in Spanish. It's a real struggle lately. Especially now since the new Elder in our ward doesn't speak English I don't even speak with them in English! But I love it :)

This week we were passing by old investigators from other missionaries and we weren't having any success and the last one we went to rang the timbre he asked who it was I said the missionaries and he let us in the building...I thought we'd go up to the door and he'd have an excuse or something but him and his girlfriend let us in to talk to them! They had a ton of questions about the plan of Salvation that we were able to answer! And they told us that it makes sense now, God isn't the reason bad things happen to people we're doing things things because we have agency. It was so nice to teach someone who understood! We're visiting them to,or row and I'm super excited :)

Well I hope you all have a good week! Oh the picture is our shirts they say "blaus" which means blue in Catalan

Love. Hermana Terrazas :)

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