Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Transfers/7 Months!

Uhm so sorry about last week! I don't know what happened it said it sent but I guess not!

So first things first TRANSFERS: I'm staying in Granollers (obviously) my new companion will be Hermana Canales, I hear she's really nice I don't know her but apparently she's from Honduras and lives in Spain now? I'm not sure on that everyone says a different thing, but they all say she's super nice! Which I believe it I love Hondurans! She just got out of training, so this will be her second area. She speaks 0 English so my Spanish is gonna have to improve that's for sure!!! Hermana Ratliff is going to Las Arenas which is in the north!

Second: we met our new mission President!!!! The Daytons seem amazing! We had a conference with 4 zones (Barcelona, Badalona, Hospitalet, and Lleida) on Wednesday! They are so loving and I'm so excited to work with them! They're super accomplished and talented and well, they wrote a song for our mission, and performed it! Super funny! I'm sad I only got the end bit of it, I'll try to send it later. But basically they just introduced themselves and their families and then they had us all introduce ourselves (well our companions introduced us) so that was super fun! There's a TON of people from California in this mission so it was really funny after President Dayton was like "so great we have missionaries from the country of Spain, Mexico, all these countries, and of course the country of California" haha yup we're our own country now! I also got to see a ton of people! It was super fun! Basically like half the Hermanas from the mtc, Hermana Een, and basically all the elders from old districts. It was super fun! Except everyone was like what are you doing here...so I had to explain that story a thousand times. Oh well!

This week was a good one! Still super hot and lots of walking but it was good! We visited a member named Maria del Angeles who lives in a pueblo pretty far and first of all it looks like America! There's houses and GRASS and trees! I was so excited haha but on the bus I got stung by a wasp or something =( it hurt...and I'm definitely allergic haha but luckily she had this oil to put on it and the pain and swelling went down (my whole arm started to swell)! But this member served a mission in Dallas and lived there forever! She just barely moved back to Spain in February! So when I was in Dallas visiting Chel this last year she was there too!!! How cool!!! She's super funny her boyfriend is a spaniard so he doesn't speak English but sometimes she just can't think of words in Spanish so the whole dinner was a mix of Spanglish.

We have another member in the ward, named Nicolas, who lived in the states for awhile, and is the 2nd counselor of the bishopric, and apparently during one of her talks she was trying to say the word "pimp" and she turned to Nicolas and was like "como se dice pimp" and he was like "really who says pimp in a talk?!?" He calls her "gringa" even though she's full spaniard. They're super funny!

So Saturday we went to the hospital because Hermana Ratliffs ankle had been swollen and started to bruise and turns out she has tendinitis...haha I know how that feels! So we're in piso, which is kinda of hard because I need to learn the area...and we can't go work..and now I have to take it over. I'm a little bit stressed about it, but it's not her fault at all!!! We called Hermana Dayton & told her & she goes "Uhm I'm just gonna ask Dr Dayton" haha I have a feeling having a doctor as a President is going to be very nice!

MIRACLE: so Saturday night after the hospital we decided to go down to Condis (a little store below our piso) to grab something real quick, well we were checking out & we were talking to the Condis man like always and he was like "you talk to people about Jesus Christ right? cause before we explained how we don't stop for dinner because we're out talking to people all day, so we said yes and he was like hmmm I'm interested, do you have plans tonight? Uhh no just going to be in piso so he was like I got off work at 9 can you come down and we can just talk in the bench? So we agreed! At first we were kinda sketched out like maybe he didn't really want to know or something, so we went. Wow. The most prepared person ever. He had so many good questions and was just so interested so we brought up church and he agreed to go! And the greatest part is he actually went!!! And stayed for all 3 hours!!! I'll send a picture with him later cause it was Hermana Ratliffs last Sunday. But he is such a miracle!!!  His name is Imanol! Even all our members were like wow he was super interested!!!

Other than that it's been pretty boring just hanging out in piso, I feel like such a normal person since I'm not the one hurt (for the first time) haha but it gave Hermana Ratliff plenty of time to pack and me time to clean the piso! Oh also to take pictures for Bens wedding! I, excited to see that cardboard cut out ;)

Well I love you all and hope you have a great week!!!

Love, Hermana Ruth Terrazas

It looks like home!!!

So this is our miracle Imanol!!!! He's super great so we had to get a
picture with him before Hermana Ratliff left!!!

Our Consejo selfie. Haha our ward is awesome!!! The one on the right with the glasses is our Bishop and the one on the left with the glasses is the one who lived in the states when we told him about Imanol he was like "What's the catch? I want to go to a cita with him" haha 

The end of the Daytons singing!!!

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